Tool engineering

During the manufacture of parts, machine tools are used for reshaping, master forming, stamping, compression, casting, lay-up processes, positioning, and cutting.

Tool production

Plastic tooling materials such as boards, Close Contour Casting, Close Contour Pastes, and epoxy and polyurethane liquid materials can be used in the production of tools.

RAKU® TOOL working boards

The RAKU® TOOL product range of board materials offers special working boards suitable for use in tool engineering. Example applications for RAKU® TOOL working boards are:

  • Lay-up tools for the manufacture of composites
  • Vacuum forming molds
  • Holding fixtures
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Hammer tools
  • Checking fixtures
  • Foundry models
  • Foundry pattern plates
  • Foundry core boxes
  • Metal forming dies
  • Foam molds
  • Rapid prototyping molds

These board materials exhibit good mechanical properties and are dimensionally stable, resistant to abrasion and chemicals, and boast good edge strength. If special dimensions are required these can be supplied as Close Contour Castings or Close Contour Blocks in line with customer specifications and requirements.

Besides board materials, RAMPF offers Close Contour Pastes that are used specifically for large models and molds. The pastes are easy to process and can be applied to a low-cost substructure by hand or machine using a mixing and dispensing system. They exhibit very fine, homogeneous and seamless surfaces, high dimensional stability, and low shrinkage.

RAKU® TOOL liquid materials also offer you a wide range of innovative and efficient gelcoats and laminating, casting, and multi-purpose resins for various manufacturing processes, construction methods, and applications in tool engineering.