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Industrial adhesives

for strong bonds

High-quality adhesives for a wide range of materials

Quality sticks! Whether you want to bond wood, plastic, metals. or other materials:

RAKU® PUR (polyurethane), RAKU® POX (epoxy), RAKU® SIL (silicone), and RAKU® Melt (thermoplastic and reactive hotmelts) systems from RAMPF Polymer Solutions offer excellent adhesion properties for a permanently secure bond.

Our systems combine the ultimate in adhesion and strength with properties such as excellent temperature and chemical resistance. They can be formulated and manufactured to exhibit a wide range of properties, enabling them to be adapted to diverse requirements. They are easy to process and perform well on wood, plastic, acrylic glass, aluminum, and other mineral materials.

Processing takes place either manually or mechanically – using one- and two-component dispensing systems, rollers, and slotted nozzle systems.

Typical applications for our adhesives include automotive interiors, household appliances, optical bonding, the wood/furniture sector, façades, balustrades, and sandwich bonding for bus roofs, caravans, and refrigerated vehicles.

Together with RAMPF Production Systems, we offer the application expertise you need to optimize your production processes.

Material, machine, process – benefit from RAMPF’s competent complete service.

Your key benefits

High-performance products with a wide range of properties and outstanding quality



Cost savings thanks to plants that save space and energy




Customized solutions tailored to your specific needs



Minimal cleaning to minimize maintenance



Solvent- and water-free systems



Very user-friendly



Material coordinated with your production process



Excellent temperature and chemical resistance

Our solutions for your applications

Bonding is the key technology of the 21st century, as it offers significant advantages over other join-ing methods. With adhesives, a wide variety of materials can be permanently joined. Precise preparation of the adhesive, exact mixing, and subsequent application are the key to a bond that holds. In order to achieve the best possible quality, specialist knowledge and an optimally coordinated process are required.

With our adhesives, we generate a strong, long-lasting bond. Whether polyurethane, silicone, epoxy, or reactive hotmelt adhesives: RAMPF Polymer Solutions' comprehensive adhesive product portfolio provides the best solution for your application.


Appliance industry

Household appliances must be energy-saving and function efficiently. They are in use every day, so the adhesives must also deliver what they promise. Whether in refrigerators, washing machines, or ovens – excellent adhesion properties combined with high temperature resistance make adhesives from RAMPF Polymer Solutions the best solution for a wide variety of applications. High chemical and mechanical resistance as well as the excellent physical properties ensure a long-term bond and contribute to high durability. Utilize the properties of adhesives developed and produced by RAMPF Polymer Solutions and increase the efficiency and environmental friendliness of your household appliances.


Lightweight materials play a crucial role in today's vehicles. Consequently, many welding, soldering, and riveting applications have disappeared and been replaced by innovative adhesive systems. Up to 20 kg of adhesives can be found in today's automobiles, also because the bonding systems improve the crash test behavior of vehicles by absorbing impact energy. Last but not least, the high elasticity and temperature resistance of adhesive systems represent a decisive advantage, which is reflected in the large number of interior and exterior adhesive applications. However, the manufacture and processing of these high-performance adhesive systems is extremely complex and requires extensive experience and expertise. For this, RAMPF Polymer Solutions (material) and RAMPF Production Systems (dispensing technology) offer a customized, holistic solution.



Sandwich elements consist of at least three layers, i.e. a core inserted between two top layers. Only when these layers are bonded with a high-performance adhesive do they become a compo-site material. The versatility and advantages of sandwich constructions have made them indispensable. Whether in vehicle construction, the manufacture of furniture components, as partitions in wet areas, or as facade elements in buildings: all these applications benefit from the high load-bearing capacity, strong rigidity, excellent long-term stability, and excellent temperature resistance of sandwich elements. The sandwich adhesive portfolio of RAMPF Polymer Solutions includes filled and unfilled one- and two-component  polyurethane adhesives as well as reactive hotmelts.

Industrial adhesives

In addition to the appliance industry, sandwich, and automotive industries, RAMPF Polymer Solutions offers a wide range of industrial adhesives for a variety of applications. Here, adhesive solutions can also be individually formulated to meet your requirements, optimizing the durability and facilitating a gentle processing of the substrates. Depending on the application, adhesives are available from very short to long open times. The industrial adhesives from RAMPF Polymer Solutions can be used across all industries and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. In addition to one- and two-component  polyurethane adhesives, the product portfolio for industrial adhesives also encompasses reactive hotmelt adhesives and two-component epoxy adhesives. RAMPF Polymer Solutions is your specialist for industrial adhesives for bonding wooden furniture, window corner angles, and many other applications.


The best combination for your needs

We work with you to develop the best solution for your application.

The following chemicals are available:


Polyurethan (2K)

  • Niedrig bis hochviskos
  • Gute Haftung auf Metall, Holz und Kunststoff
  • Universell einsetzbar, von mittel- bis großen Anwendungen
  • Kurze Durchhärtung für schnelle Prozesszeiten
  • „Working Horse“ – mit breitem Haftungsspektrum
  • Temperaturbeständigkeit von -40 bis +100 °C
  • Geringe Schwindung
  • Hohe Abriebsbeständigkeit
  • Weich-elastische bis sehr harte Systeme
  • Hohe mechanische und chemische Beständigkeit
  • Zulassung nach VDI 6022


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  • Offene Zeit von wenigen Minuten bis mehrere Stunden
  • Elastisches Kleben und Dichten mit hoher Flexibilität (2K-Systeme: Bruchdehnung ca. 300 %, 1K > 300 %)
  • Extrem wasserabweisend
  • Universelle Haftung, auch auf Metallen
  • Hohe Chemikalienbeständigkeit
  • Höchste Temperaturbeständigkeit von -60 bis über +200 °C
  • Hohe UV-Stabilität
  • Beste physikalisch Eigenschaften nahezu konstant über den gesamten Anwendungstemperaturbereich


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  • Kurze bis lange Topfzeit von 5 bis zum 110 min
  • Offene Zeit von 5 bis 150 min
  • Gute Haftung auf Aluminium und Metall
  • Hohe Temperaturbeständigkeit von -55 bis +180 °C
  • Hohe Chemikalienbeständigkeit
  • Raumtemperaturhärtend
  • Systeme mit kurzer Härtungszeit für schnelle Prozesszeiten


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  • Können thermoplastisch oder reaktiv sein
  • Offene Zeit von wenigen Sekunden bis > 20 min
  • Auftrag mittels Walze, Sprühen oder Schlitzdüse
  • Schmelzkleber werden eingesetzt, wo eine schnelle Anfangsfestigkeit erforderlich ist (bei unseren Produkten von gut bis hoch)
  • Zur Verklebung verschiedener Kunststoffe, Metalle sowie Holz und Papier


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