High-quality, sustainable &

Alternative Basic Polyols

In two of the largest multi-functional plants in Europe, tailored polyols are manufactured from PU waste materials or PET / PSA using solvolysis (glycolysis, acidolysis, and polyolysis).

After being recycled through either RAMPF Eco Solutions or another PU systems house, the resulting basic polyols are integrated back into the customer’s production process. This creates a cycle that delivers both environmental and economic benefits.

Your benefits

  • High quality alternative polyols (recycled polyols)
  • Less expensive than primary polyols
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Highly efficient resource-savings

And by using polyols based on renewable raw materials (biopolyols), RAMPF Eco Solutions’ customers no longer need to rely on dwindling petrochemical raw materials:


Ether and ester polyols based on polyurethane materials

Petole ®

Ester polyols based on PET or PSA

Polyols based on renewable raw materials (NP)

Manufacture through modification and functionalization of renewable raw materials (e.g. rapeseed oil)

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