Sealing, Casting and Bonding of up to four components

Dispensing Systems & Robots

Every production process places unique requirements on the components of a dispensing system. For the best dispensing results, it is vital that material transport and preparation, dispensing, mixing technology, and moving axes are perfectly aligned.

We offer you dispensing systems that will ensure your current and future development. We develop complete, tailored solutions for reliable sealing, casting, and bonding of single- and multi-component materials.

Embedded in compact dispensing cells or dispensing robots, RAMPF dispensing systems form the perfect basis for production or integration into production systems.

Combined with high-performance controllers from SIEMENS or Beckhoff, our dispensing systems meet every requirement in terms of dynamism, interaction, and data management.

Multipurpose Cell MC-EASY

Automate your dispensing applications with our compact cell concept

  • Plug & play for time-saving set-up and commissioning
  • Simplified robot programming without specialist knowledge
  • Cost-effective, compact, and space-saving 

MC Multipurpose Cell

Automation in the smallest of spaces with a modular cell concept for dispensing, joining, assembling, and testing

  • Flexible and compact automation solutions for sealing, casting, and bonding
  • Available as a stand-alone concept or production line
  • Intuitive operation via RAMPF HMI

DC-CNC250 desktop cell

The dispensing cell DC-CNC250 is designed as a desktop device and can dispense freely programmable dots or paths. The integrated dispensing system is specially designed for the processing of paste-like and abrasive 2C-materials.


  • Compact design
  • Multiple choices for dispensing of thermal greases, resins, and adhesives
  • Flexible placement within your production line

DC-CNC800 compact dispensing cell

Compact solution with minimum space requirements and state of the art control technology.


  • Suitable for manual or automatic part loading
  • Can be used as an integrated solution in production lines or as a stand-alone concept
  • Designed for the processing of 1C- and 2C-materials with one mixing system

DC-CNC1150 dispensing cell

Compact & flexible – the large version of the compact dispensing cell stands for reliable sealing, casting, and bonding . Basic structure with integrated control cabinet.


  • Processing of 1- to 4-component materials with up to two mixing systems
  • High-precision dispensing
  • Maximum productivity

DR-CNC dispensing robot

The DR-CNC dispensing robot is the ideal solution for complex requirements.


  • Highly variable X-Y axis strokes
  • Can be used as an integrated solution in production lines or as a stand-alone concept
  • Compatible with all RAMPF mixing systems

C-DS / C-DS+ dispensing system

The C-DS dispensing system is highly versatile and can be used as a manually operated unit, an automated partial solution, or a fully automated robot system.


  • Compact
  • Can be combined with all popular automation systems
  • Compatible with all RAMPF mixing systems

DC-VAC vacuum dispensing system

The DC-VAC vacuum dispensing system has vacuum material conditioning as standard and is equipped with a dynamic mixing system.


  • Precise dispensing via gear or piston pumps

  • Optimum material conditioning due to recirculation via the mixing system

  • Vacuum chamber for standard workpiece carriers up to  400 x 400 mm

High-precision dispensing of single- and multi-component materials

We offer exceptionally powerful low-maintenance systems for high-precision dispensing of materials as varied as polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone, independent of fillers and viscosities.

M-KDS minimal quantity piston dispensing system

Optimum mixing and high-precision dispensing of minimal quantities.

Your benefits:

  • Compact design
  • Flexible material supply
  • Freely programmable piston dispensing system for maximum precision

K-DP piston dispensing pump

Precise dispensing with a wide range of fillers and viscosities.

Your benefits:

  • Variable dispensing quantities and times
  • Different chamber volumes
  • Intelligent drive

30 VAC vacuum barrel press

Material changeovers made easy – ideal for conveying medium- to high-viscosity materials.

Your benefits:

  • Bubble-free bonding and sealing
  • Optimal material utilization
  • Significantly higher process reliability

Ultra-precise mixing

We offer you exceptionally powerful low-maintenance mixing systems. We also develop solutions for processing fast-sedimenting, highly abrasive, and highly viscous materials to suit your specific requirements.

MK mixing system

The tried-and-tested basic mixing system has been used thousands of times in industrial applications. Materials are dispensed to the mixing chamber via pneumatically actuated needle seat valves. The mixing chamber and mixer are made of stainless steel. Carbide axial face seals or specially designed radial shaft seals are used for sealing between the mixer and mixing chamber. The temperature of all mixing heads can be controlled and the heads can be equipped with shut-off systems to ensure stable mixing conditions. A sophisticated modular system made up of various mixing chamber sizes and geometries enables optimum adaptation of the mixing system to specific applications.

  • MK107 model series
    The MK 107 model series covers a dispensing output range of approx. 1 - 10 g/s. The mixing heads in this series can be equipped with up to three component valves, one flushing valve, and one blowing valve.
  • MK 108/111 model series
    The MK 108/111 model series covers a dispensing output range of approx. 0,01 - 1,5 g/s. The mixing heads in this series can be equipped with two component valves, one flushing valve, and one blowing valve
  • Modellreihe MK 200
    Die Modellreihe MK 200 ist konzipiert für die Vermischung von pastösen Klebstoffen bis ca. 5 - 200 g/sec. Ein weiteres Einsatzgebiet ist die schonende Mischung von scherempfindlichen Materialien.

MS-C mixing system

The MS-C is a compact, dynamic mixing system for precise metering, mixing, and dispensing. With a revolutionary, servo-driven ceramic valve system the MS-C sets new standards in productivity and reliability. The lean and compact design guarantees a higher degree of flexibility and allows dispensing of complex parts and applications. The simple modular design and the consequent separation of valve level and mixing chamber level make the MS-C the most maintenance-friendly mixing system available on the market.

  • MS-C 76 model series
    The MS-C 76 model series covers a dispensing output range of approx. 0,1 - 2 g/s. The mixer and mixing chamber simply need to be adjusted to the materials' reactivity.

  • MS-C 100 model series
    The MS-C 100 model series covers a dispensing output range of approx. 2 - 120 g/s. Various mixing chamber geometries are available for the many different materials.

Static mixing system MS-S

The static mixing head is used to mix materials that are highly viscous or have a paste-like consistency. Due to the high operating pressures, a steel tube is used to stabilize the disposable plastic mixer. A shut-off system that operates without any displacement ensures a clean thread break and a smooth transition. This system can be used in a dispensing output range of approx. 0,05 - 10 g/s.

Static mixing system MS-SC

The MS-SC static mixing head is equipped with diaphragm valves and is therefore suitable for mixing highly abrasive materials. These valves also have a suck-back effect that ensures a clean thread break. There are no moving parts in reacting material.

Gear pumps

The most commonly used types of pumps in dispensing systems are external gear pumps. They are among the most precise dosing pumps and are suitable for dosing pressures of up to approx. 100 bar and low abrasive fillers. Wear-inhibiting coatings and optimized cog shapes increase service life.

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