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RAMPF as an employer

The RAMPF Values form the basis for working together in our Group:

Fairness, trust, support, recognition, sustainability, and a commitment to mutual respect that is born out of flat hierarchies.

In the same way, the RAMPF Values shape how we work with customers and partners.

We want to do more than simply keep pace with the dynamic developments in our markets – we want to shape and drive them forward. That is why a vibrant culture of innovation is so important to us. Our employees have the opportunity to develop ideas and bring them to market maturity. This exceptional innovative strength is a key pillar of our success.

As a family-run company, we have strong roots at our sites and involve ourselves in social and community causes.

Your benefits at RAMPF!

RAMPF Health Management

Whether it is free training in selected fitness studios, regular health days with presentations and workshops, or simply balanced nutrition in our canteen – We ensure that our employees are fit and motivated.

We provide free fruit and water, height-adjustable desks, and ergonomic workplace analyses. Massage and exercise opportunities during the lunch break, numerous sports events and sports groups round off this encompassing offer.

Employee development with the RAMPF Academy

“discover the future”. That is our promise.

We have been keeping that promise for 40 years. Every day, we think outside the box, break new ground, and discover new things. This creates new products and solutions – and new growth.

To achieve this, our employees must continually develop their knowledge and skills. This is ensured by the RAMPF ACADEMY.

Other benefits at RAMPF

Additional benefits

RAMPF offers its employees a variety of additional benefits:

  • Employer-financed direct insurance
  • Capital formation benefits
  • Health insurance for travel abroad
  • Group accident insurance
  • Christmas and vacation bonuses

Premium payment

Good performances are rewarded at RAMPF, thanks to profit-sharing and bonuses arising from the corporate goals.
We also have attractive company car arrangements.


Family and Working life

The compatibility of work and private life is important to us. As a family-owned company, we offer our employees among others:

  • Childcare supplements
  • Flexible working hours
  • Part-time work
  • Working time accounts

Youth development

As a family-owned company, we are aware of our responsibility as an employer and a member of society. We are active in a variety of ways, mainly in regional projects. We always want to make a contribution to the common good:

  • Commitment to children in kindergartens and elementary schools
  • Education partnership with the Schönbein-Realschule and the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gymnasium, Metzingen
  • Cooperation with the University Reutlingen
  • BOGY internship
  • Girl's Day
  • Sports promotion

Special employee offerings

In addition, we offer you interesting extras such as:

  • Company car park
  • Work clothing (incl. laundry service)
  • Corporate benefit portal (exclusive discounts on high-quality offers)


For many people, being able to take a temporary break from working life is an interesting option. This could be to travel the world, study, look after family members, or build a house – there are plenty of good reasons to do so.
We offer our employees the opportunity of taking a sabbatical and returning to work full of new ideas and motivation.


Our values


Whichever company, country, or department we work in: We all have good reason to be proud of our achievements and our Group. We recognize commitment, performance, and the abilities of each and every individual.



Sustainability in business means improving the living conditions of the current generation without compromising the future of generations to come. Our production is therefore environmentally aware and high quality, and we establish long-term partnerships and ongoing employee development.



To develop tomorrow’s solutions today, our employees need to keep one step ahead. We ensure our workplaces are cutting-edge and provide top-quality, safe work clothing, including a laundry service.



At RAMPF, we are always open and honest with each other. After all, honesty breeds trust and forms the basis for positive working relationships. Our management personnel stand by their word, and this creates security and reliability.



We are always respectful toward each other and our customers, suppliers, and partners. At the same time, we remain open to criticism and thus benefit from shared success.


We develop skills, are fully committed, promote and challenge, and invest in talents.

Christoph Ambacher | Trainee IT Systems Integration

"Already during my school days I had a lot to do with computers and electronics, both at home and with friends. During my career-orientation internship in high school, I decided I’d like to train as an IT specialist in systems integration. I applied for an opening with RAMPF, as the group is well-known in the region and its in-house IT department provides support for the subsidiaries in Japan, the United States, and China, which would require me to also use my language skills. My training takes place in two departments. The first is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which oversees goods and customers and runs the business intelligence system, programs modifications, and provides the appropriate training. The second is IT Support, which is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of IT systems and provides support for RAMPF’s workforce. I am already entrusted with numerous tasks, I work independently on the support hotline, and I have my own projects. The working atmosphere at the company is very positive, you get to know many people, and everyone is supportive and friendly. As the RAMPF Group strives to take on apprentices after they complete their training, there is a good chance I’ll be able to stay on as a qualified IT specialist if I work hard and do well."

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Jasmin Berger | Trainee Industrial Management

"My name is Jasmin Berger and I am currently training to become an industrial business management assistant at RAMPF Holding. Whilst studying at commercial vocational college, where I majored in foreign languages, I decided to embark upon a commercial apprenticeship in an international company. The first thing I did was to see which apprenticeships lead in this direction. In the end, I decided industrial business management fitted the bill. I then started to look for a company that offers this kind of training. I read a lot of positive things about RAMPF in the newspaper, which prompted me to apply there. The very pleasant atmosphere at the company struck me already during the first stage of the application process. My experience so far as a trainee, which has led me through many different departments including Sales, Purchasing, Quality Management, Marketing, HR, and Incoming/Outgoing Goods, certainly reinforces this impression."

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Daniel Braunstein | Area Sales Manager

"At the beginning of 2008 I was traveling around Australia when I got the email offering me a combined studies/vocational training position in Design & Development at RAMPF Production Systems. This gave me an insight into how to produce drawings, use CAD for design work, and develop new components. It was the combination of theory and practice I found most exciting and varied. After gaining my bachelor’s degree, I spent two years working in design/technical documentation before deciding to study for a master’s at Constance University of Applied Sciences. The opportunity to continue working for RAMPF as a student trainee helped me to pay for my studies. After my semester abroad in Indonesia, I was offered a job as team leader in Technical Documentation and was responsible for this area for two years. Since the end of 2017, I have been responsible for a particular sales area as an area sales manager and are looking after the internationally established customers in this area. RAMPF offers great opportunities to use your own initiative, pursue professional development, and enjoy fair treatment by others. You are both challenged and supported. And the company lives by its corporate values, which cannot always be taken for granted elsewhere."

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Jacqueline Brohsey | Accounting

"After completing junior high school, I attended vocational senior high technical college, which laid the foundation for my apprenticeship. I completed my training as an office clerk at RAMPF Polymer Solutions. The training was very exciting and interesting, as it showed me the wide range of tasks involved in day-to-day work. Once I qualified, I made a seamless transition to work in Accounting at RAMPF Holding. My duties include processing accounts receivable and accounts payable, which above all involves handling incoming mail, posting and checking incoming and outgoing invoices, processing balance confirmations, and completing transactions. I also make the necessary preparations for the monthly and annual financial statements, and a whole lot more besides. I decided to work for RAMPF because I was very impressed by the encouragement and support the company offers apprentices. Furthermore, I came to identify with RAMPF’s corporate values, both during and following my training. The Rampf family lives by these values, which are also clearly evident in the individual departments and influence the entire RAMPF Group as well."

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Leonie-K. Fecht | Student Trainee

"I first worked at RAMPF before I had started studying biomedical sciences. I got such a positive impression that I was keen to return to the company during my course. And then I was given the chance to work as a student trainee in Key Technology Management (KTM) at RAMPF Polymer Solutions. As I work mainly in product marketing, first and foremost this calls for plenty of creativity. In such an innovative, constantly growing company, it is important to come up with new ideas and strategies. Not only does the team call for this, but we’re happy to rise to the challenge. I can also apply what I have already learned to my work. I not only thoroughly enjoy working as a student trainee at RAMPF, but it expands and tests my knowledge. The insights I have gained into the different departments such as IT, R&D, and KTM helped me decide what I’d like to do after I graduate. Last but not least, I have been able to experience first-hand the processes and team work in each of the departments and the RAMPF Group as a whole. I really like the way each and every employee and their work is genuinely valued at RAMPF. The team spirit and collaborative staff effort really stand out, and you can always rely on your colleagues for help and advice.“

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Martin Hämmerle | Director of Application Technology

"I graduated in chemical engineering at Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences in 2001. My particular course on polymer chemistry also included classical engineering, which provides an outstanding foundation for my current range of tasks. I have been Head of Application Engineering at RAMPF Polymer Solutions (formerly RAMPF Giessharze) since 2007. This very diverse field at the interface between development, systems manufacturing, and the customer presents challenging tasks and repeatedly calls for creative solutions. We form the human face of chemistry for our customers in creating visual models, overseeing system trials, and helping them introduce series production. RAMPF’s major distinguishing feature is its workforce. Despite the growth we have experienced in recent years and the influx of many new faces, the colleagueship remains very close. This makes meeting challenges and developing new products together with co-workers an exciting and fun task."

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Renate Heinzmann | Process Planning

"My name is Renate Heinzmann and I work in administration for RAMPF Machine Systems in Wangen. I trained as a technical product designer. I joined RAMPF in 2006 at the recommendation of a co-worker whom I’d already worked with in a design company specializing in mechanical engineering. After several years in this sector, where I was trained in 3D computer design and ERP, I moved into process planning when it was launched as a new department. My duties at RAMPF mainly involve creating and managing items and parts lists and compiling instructions for finishing, coating, and other production processes. Putting together documents like these, which relate so directly to production processes, establishes a close relationship with products that you could not achieve in a purely administrative role. It also quickly became clear that this job offers challenges and a degree of security that mainly family-run businesses provide these days. What I enjoy most about RAMPF is working in an international company that applies the commensurate level of professionalism (defined procedures, standards, responsibilities, etc.) but without generating the anonymity you so often find in large corporations."

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Marc Käufer | Commercial Manager

"I came into contact with RAMPF by chance. During my further training to become an accountant (Chamber of Industry & Commerce), I was informed RAMPF Production Systems, which had only just been set up back then, had a vacancy. As I was on the lookout for a new challenge, this news came at just the right time. Even during the interview, the friendly atmosphere, flat hierarchies, and informal environment made it an easy decision, and I joined RAMPF in August 2004. After a brief spell at the holding company in Grafenberg, I returned to Zimmern in 2012 as Head of Finance and Accounting. In March 2015, I was promoted to the position of Commercial Manager and appointed to the management team. RAMPF provides secure employment in a continuously growing set-up. Its flexible work options mean I have enough time for my family and hobbies (bicycle polo and motorcycling)."

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Christiane Lang | Trainee Industrial Management

"Once I completed vocational school, majoring in foreign languages with an advanced technical college certificate, an apprenticeship in industrial business management made perfect sense. An internet search led me to the family-run SME RAMPF. It was the opportunity to sample different commercial departments, such as Purchasing, Sales, Process Planning, Materials Management, HR, and Marketing, that attracted me to this particular option. One of the major benefits of this approach is that it reveals and teaches you the correlations between the company’s various departments. I was quickly handed responsibility and integrated into my colleagues’ everyday working routines.  My training already involved attending trade fairs, running projects, preparing presentations and events, designing flyers, delivering presentations to my managers, and looking after interns. I really enjoy the way every day offers new and exciting challenges, and that as an apprentice I can always approach my managers if there’s anything I need help with.."

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Ralph Lutz | Quality and Security Manager

"I have been a dedicated RAMPF Group employee for 15 years now. It all started with a job ad in the daily newspaper. I had a degree in food chemistry, was a qualified quality manager, and had already been working in the coatings industry for a number of years. In order to take up a new and advanced challenge , I applied for the role of quality management officer in the RAMPF Group. Dynamic growth led to more companies joining the RAMPF Group, and consequently Occupational Health and Safety was formed. I have never regretted my decision to move to RAMPF. The values of fairness, trust, and support form a solid framework that helps us apply ourselves to the best of our ability and use our thirst for knowledge to tackle the challenges we face."

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Francesco Mauro | Shift Supervisor Production

"I initially trained and worked as a machine operator for several years before training as a chemical technician. Unfortunately, the promotion I was aiming for did not materialize in my previous company, which led me to apply on the off chance to RAMPF Polymer Solutions. Starting in June 2005, I spent three years as a production worker on all machines before being made a shift supervisor and then shift manager. I particularly enjoy the variety of office work and interaction with employees that this role involves. The team is very friendly and my managers trust me implicitly. I particularly value the family atmosphere that prevails in this company. I really appreciate the way Rampf family members greet all the workers by name when they pass through production. I enjoy going to work every day in these special conditions."

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Michael Schulz | System Manager ERP

"After finishing an electrical engineering course at vocational college, I commenced an – as it would turn out: exciting – apprenticeship as an IT specialist in systems integration at RAMPF. My training involved a stay all the company’s departments, which offered me first-hand experience with the different systems and how staff use them. Furthermore, I was introduced to all the people using the systems. This 'mingling' proved very valuable, as my co-workers are my internal IT customers who need assistance with their problems and requirements. I show new recruits how to use our systems and run training for new software and hardware. I also manage the interfaces between different programs and act as a project manager for system improvements. It’s networking people with other people and systems, rather than networking the systems themselves, that constantly gives me new ideas and inspiration, thus making every day that bit more exciting."

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