Professional Application Service

Simply mill it. Job done.

Paste Application

Our professional and experienced technicians will apply your chosen Close Contour Paste to your substructure for you.

Your blank, as a model or mold, is ready for milling and is dimensionally stable with a fine, homogeneous and seamless surface on all part sizes. Top quality is also ensured. As a result, you can fully concentrate on milling and avoid any contact with liquid chemicals.

RAMPF Tooling Solutions offers you a professional application service with an all-round carefree service package.

Andrea Marchesini, Technical Service Expert at RAMPF Tooling Solutions

Manufacturing high-quality models and molds with first-class surfaces has never been easier and faster.

All-round carefree service package

  • Choice of paste and substructure
  • Customized systems for a wide range of projects
  • Application at the customer or in special rooms at RAMPF, maintaining strict confidentiality
  • No procurement of machines
  • No handling of liquid chemicals
  • No application know-how required
  • Seamless models / molds with excellent surface quality
  • Design options and technical implementation of complex projects, e.g. modular structure

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