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Training and combined studies at RAMPF

Are you looking for a company that offers young people real prospects and opportunities?


Then you’ve come to the right place!


Whether as a trainee or a student, we support and encourage your development from the outset. We also fully expect our trainees to demonstrate independent thinking and initiative in their work.


It is in everyone’s interest for you to gain your qualifications – so that’s our common aim. With this in mind, you will be involved in exciting projects and expected to make a real contribution.


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  • Technical/Industrial
  • Commercial
Commercial | Grafenberg

Integrated industrial MBA degree program (m/f/d)

Currently available 0 jobs.

Technical/Industrial | Grafenberg 2020 | Pirmasens 2019

Chemical lab technician (m/f/d) - Starting 2019

Currently available 1 job.

Technical/Industrial | Grafenberg 2020 | Pirmasens 2019

Chemical technician (m/f/d) - Starting 2019

Currently available 1 job.

Technical/Industrial | Grafenberg

Apprenticeship as an IT specialist in systems integration (m/f/d)

Currently available 0 jobs.

Commercial | Grafenberg 2019 | Grafenberg 2020 | Wangen (bei Göppingen)

Apprenticeship as a warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/d)

Currently available 2 jobs.

Commercial | Grafenberg 2020 | Zimmern o.R. 2020 | Wangen (bei Göppingen)

Apprenticeship as an industrial manager (m/f/d)

Currently available 0 jobs.

Commercial | Grafenberg

Apprenticeship as an IT management assistant (m/f/d)

Currently available 0 jobs.

Technical/Industrial | Grafenberg

Apprenticeship as a machine and equipment operator (m/f/d)

Currently available 0 jobs.

Technical/Industrial | Zimmern o.R.

Apprenticeship as a Mechatronic engineer (m/f/d)

Currently available 0 jobs.

Technical/Industrial | Grafenberg

Apprenticeship as a technical model builder (m/f/d)

Currently available 0 jobs.

Technical/Industrial | Wangen bei Göppingen | Zimmern o.R.

Apprenticeship as a technical product designer (m/f/d)

Currently available 0 jobs.

Not the right position for you?

Then send us a speculative application – We are always on the lookout for people with the right personality!


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While you are at school

Discover a job with prospects. Do you still have your career ahead of you?
We can help you gather your first practical experience and discover your true talents.


Vacation job

Would you like get a taste of working life during the school vacation and try out a range of different fields of work? Why not gain your first experience of working life with us? We offer vacation jobs in a range of different departments. Please submit your speculative application via our online applicants portal.


Speculative application

School-age internship

What are you planning to do after you leave school? An internship will give you a first taster of working life and help you one step further toward finding your vocation. Our experienced employees can lend a helping hand. The best time for an internship with us is during the spring.
Why not take this opportunity to get a first insight into working life at RAMPF?


Speculative application

What makes a good application?

General requirements

  • Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Create an appealing, positive overall impression (individual, personal touch)
  • If applying by e-mail, attach all documents combined in a single pdf file

Cover sheet

  • Name of applicant
  • Indication of career choice
  • Company
  • Possibly, application photo (digital, professional quality)

Personal letter of application (ideally one A4 page)

  • Applicant’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, address of company (find out name of direct contact), and date of letter
  • Subject line referring to apprenticeship
  • Direct opening salutation
  • Grab the company’s attention with a creative initial sentence (no empty phrases)
  • Indicate the applicant’s career choice and the source of the apprenticeship details (e.g. careers fair, company website, etc.)
  • What is the applicant doing at present and what are the reasons for the application?
  • Why is the applicant a good fit for the company and the chosen career?
  • What makes the applicant stand out from the crowd?
  • Signature
  • Annexes

Résumé in table form

  • Address
  • Personal data
  • Education / professional experience
  • Internships / special skills
  • Leisure activities
  • Date and signature

The résumé should provide a complete profile of the applicant. It is also important to indicate what the applicant will be doing between the application and the start of the relevant apprenticeship.


  • The school grades obtained for German, math, and English are particularly important in our eyes, as are those for all subjects that are relevant to the apprenticeship, such as economics, chemistry, and technology. IT skills and the grades obtained for conduct and teamwork are also deemed important.
  • We require copies of all relevant graduation / training certificates as well as performance records (end-of-year reports) for the last two years. The more documents applicants include, the easier it is for us to assess their overall performance.

Internships and other experience

  • Activity reports
  • Information about special achievements both inside and outside school

It is important to include with the application proof of all relevant achievements / successes / skills that could be of value for the application (e.g. internships completed, certificates, etc.). We can only assess what we can see!

FAQ for Pupils

How do I find the right apprenticeship for me?

If you’re unsure about which apprenticeship to choose, you’re welcome to apply for a school-age internship to find out whether you’ve made the right choice. You can also speak to us at one of our careers fairs. Alternatively, use one of the self-tests offered by job centers, careers information centers, and the Internet for guidance.



Are there any specific application deadlines and how long before the start of the apprenticeship should I apply?

You should preferably apply one year before the apprenticeship starts – i.e. in the summer of the previous year. Naturally, you can send us speculative applications all year round. The quickest and greenest option is to submit your application online.

How long does the apprenticeship last?

Depending on the occupation in question and your school-leaving qualification, the apprenticeship lasts between 2 and 3.5 years. Further details about the apprenticeships and integrated degree programs on offer are available here.


Why should I apply to RAMPF?

The RAMPF Group offers interesting, well-founded apprenticeships. You will be given the opportunity to work in different departments, contribute your own ideas, and take on a small project independently.
Training staff and your colleagues will be happy to help with any questions or problems you may have. At RAMPF, we always endeavor to offer you a permanent position on completion of your apprenticeship.


What should an application include?

You should send a letter telling us something about yourself and your interests and explaining why you are applying for an apprenticeship for a particular occupation. In addition, we require a résumé in table form in which you should also provide details of interesting extracurricular activities and a copy of your last two school reports. Any certificates relating to internships or courses already completed should be included, too. You can find further information here.



How does the online application process work?

You will find our current vacancies for apprenticeships in the same place as our job advertisements. If you would like to apply for an apprenticeship, simply click on the “Apply” button. This will automatically take you to our application portal. Please complete your online application by following the steps provided. You will find further tips here.


How does the selection process work?

If we were impressed by your application, we will invite you to the RAMPF apprentice TEST circuit and, if you pass this test, we will invite you for a personal interview. If you continue to impress, we will offer you a contract – and will look forward to welcoming you to RAMPF as an apprentice.


How can I prepare for the interview?

The purpose of the interview is to get to know you in person. In other words, you should be yourself – in a discussion during which we expressly welcome questions from you. Another reason for the interview is to find out your exact reasons for your choice of career, what you expect from the apprenticeship, and your interests and aptitudes.
And by the way, it’s completely normal to feel a little anxious during the interview. Simply behave as naturally as possible.


When does the apprenticeship start?

Apprenticeships start on September 1 each year.


How does the apprenticeship start?

The initial days and weeks of the apprenticeship vary from site to site, but there is always an introductory phase to help you find your feet. During this phase, you will find out more about how your apprenticeship will proceed, get to know the other apprentices, and gain an insight into the company and the site at which you will be training.


Christoph Ambacher | Trainee IT Systems Integration

"Already during my school days I had a lot to do with computers and electronics, both at home and with friends. During my career-orientation internship in high school, I decided I’d like to train as an IT specialist in systems integration. I applied for an opening with RAMPF, as the group is well-known in the region and its in-house IT department provides support for the subsidiaries in Japan, the United States, and China, which would require me to also use my language skills. My training takes place in two departments. The first is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which oversees goods and customers and runs the business intelligence system, programs modifications, and provides the appropriate training. The second is IT Support, which is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of IT systems and provides support for RAMPF’s workforce. I am already entrusted with numerous tasks, I work independently on the support hotline, and I have my own projects. The working atmosphere at the company is very positive, you get to know many people, and everyone is supportive and friendly. As the RAMPF Group strives to take on apprentices after they complete their training, there is a good chance I’ll be able to stay on as a qualified IT specialist if I work hard and do well."

Jasmin Berger | Trainee Industrial Management

"My name is Jasmin Berger and I am currently training to become an industrial business management assistant at RAMPF Holding. Whilst studying at commercial vocational college, where I majored in foreign languages, I decided to embark upon a commercial apprenticeship in an international company. The first thing I did was to see which apprenticeships lead in this direction. In the end, I decided industrial business management fitted the bill. I then started to look for a company that offers this kind of training. I read a lot of positive things about RAMPF in the newspaper, which prompted me to apply there. The very pleasant atmosphere at the company struck me already during the first stage of the application process. My experience so far as a trainee, which has led me through many different departments including Sales, Purchasing, Quality Management, Marketing, HR, and Incoming/Outgoing Goods, certainly reinforces this impression."

Christiane Lang | Trainee Industrial Management

"Once I completed vocational school, majoring in foreign languages with an advanced technical college certificate, an apprenticeship in industrial business management made perfect sense. An internet search led me to the family-run SME RAMPF. It was the opportunity to sample different commercial departments, such as Purchasing, Sales, Process Planning, Materials Management, HR, and Marketing, that attracted me to this particular option. One of the major benefits of this approach is that it reveals and teaches you the correlations between the company’s various departments. I was quickly handed responsibility and integrated into my colleagues’ everyday working routines.  My training already involved attending trade fairs, running projects, preparing presentations and events, designing flyers, delivering presentations to my managers, and looking after interns. I really enjoy the way every day offers new and exciting challenges, and that as an apprentice I can always approach my managers if there’s anything I need help with.."

Rebecca Sinner | Chemical Lab Trainee

"Upon leaving school and following numerous internships in many different fields, I decided to train as a chemical laboratory technician at college. I applied for apprenticeship openings and was offered a place at RAMPF Polymer Solutions. Laboratory work is incredibly diverse. As an apprentice, I get the chance to sample all the departments in our laboratory. They are run by both RAMPF Polymer Solutions and RAMPF Tooling Solutions. Whether it’s foam gaskets, electro casting resins, or adhesives – each department offers a wide range of different and interesting work processes. The trust placed in me on a daily basis allows me to complete tasks independently and fully integrates me into each department. The right “chemistry” always exists, regardless of whether we’re working in small departmental teams or with the entire laboratory staff. And there’s a great working atmosphere, which makes our work enjoyable and fun. It is fantastic to be able to play a role in developments and thus help shape the future of our company and the world we live in. RAMPF encourages and supports its apprentices from day one and subsequently offers them numerous opportunities to embark upon a future-focused career. I am proud to have made good use of the chance I have been given and to have become part of the RAMPF Group.."

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