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02/12/20 | Dispensing Systems & Robots

Technological Marvel Meets Paintbrush – Picasso Would Be Jealous!

It is a technical and architectural masterpiece. Now, the thyssenkrupp test tower in Rottweil also served as an artistic inspiration for the employees of RAMPF Production Systems.

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02/03/20 | Machine beds & components

Mineral Casting – More Than Just The Right Ingredients!

Specially selected stones and minerals, together with high-quality binding agents based on epoxy resin, pave the way for machine beds and machine bed components with impressive technical and ecological properties, a wide variety of…

01/20/20 | Sealing Systems

Rigorous Examination!

UL 50, UL 50E, UL 94 – What do these certificates mean and why are they important for sealing foams?

01/15/20 | Adhesives

Strong Bonds – Without Solvents!

RAMPF Polymer Solutions develops and produces adhesive systems that are free of NMP and NEP. This is good both for the health of its employees and the environment.

01/09/20 | Dispensing Systems & Robots

Strong partners for the household appliance industry

Reliable two-component bonding of oven control panels with Openair-Plasma®

12/04/19 | Adhesives, Sealing Systems, Electro Casting Resins, Dispensing Systems & Robots

Sealing, Bonding. Casting. At the Speed of Light.

Faster than ever before – RAMPF's new modular microwave technology RAKU® Microwave Curing achieves ultra-fast curing and processing times when mixing and dispensing sealing systems, adhesives, and casting resins.

12/02/19 | Machine beds & components

It’s all in the name

Ultra-high performance concrete made by RAMPF lives up to its description. EPUDUR is the go-to material for large, heavy machine beds and machine bed components in highly dynamic mechanical engineering applications.