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A Breath of Fresh Air in Sailing – Ahoy, Sustainability!

The start-up KHULULA is revolutionizing sailing and bringing sustainability to the water with the Eco_Optimist. RAMPF Tooling Solutions is also on board!

Board Materials

36 Minutes from Grafenberg to Paris!

Machine beds & components

Walk on Water? No Problem!


Questions? Answers!

Dagmara Nocuń from Poland and Lea Schüpbach from Switzerland play for the German handball club TUSSIES Metzingen – and both are RAMPF player patrons. This multinational mix holds great potential!

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Let’s Race!

Not only are the students of the Badger Solar Racing Team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison experts in utilizing the power of the sun. They also use innovative materials and fabrication in the design of their race car – and for this…


RAMPF Goes Global – An Internship in Ireland

Have you ever worked on an island? Julia-Sophia Katzer can answer this question with “Yes!” As part of her training as an industrial clerk at RAMPF, she completed a four-week internship and language course in Dublin.

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From the Schoolyard to the World Cup

15-year-old Luna Kosic is already German champion in rope skipping. She recently showed that she can more than keep up with the world's best – thanks to hard training, discipline, and a lot of passion for her sport.


Professional & Personal Enrichment – An Internship at RAMPF

Gaining practical experience in a foreign culture? This is a given at the international RAMPF Group – also for Sami Akkila from Manchester, who put his theoretical knowledge from his mechanical engineering studies to the test at RAMPF…

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Two-Wheeled Charity Tour On the Road to Success

For the 21st time, the participants of the "Tour de Kreisle" have pedaled hard for a good cause. This year's edition of the popular charity event ended with a record donation to the Hospice Association in Göppingen – and that is all the more…

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1. 2. 3. Premier League!

The start of the season for the three professional sports clubs sponsored by the RAMPF Group is finally upon us. We are looking forward to top-class handball by TUSSIES Metzingen and HBW Balingen-Weilstetten as well as first-class basketball…

Close Contour Products

A Project of Galactic Proportions

A high-tech telescope is looking into the origins of the universe – with the help of RAKU® TOOL Close Contour Casting!

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Win-Win Partnership

Sport is an attractive marketing platform for our Group – and at the same time an important component of our social commitment. Check out our latest blog!


By trainees for trainees – the Trainee Days 2023

What's on the agenda when it comes to team building, shared experiences, new knowledge and lots of fun for our young talents? The RAMPF Trainee Days, of course!


RAMPF goes global – a practical placement in the United States

Living and working on another continent? Noah Wagner liked the sound of that and seized the opportunity. As part of his integrated degree program in business administration (industrial management), he spent three months as an intern at RAMPF…

Machine beds & components

Mineral Casting – Exceptional Dynamics With Ultraprecision

In electronics manufacturing and the microproduction sector, there is a demand for machines that are increasingly fast, precise, and, above all, cost-effective. This is exactly why more and more manufacturers are opting for EPUMENT®, the…

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Fair. Passionate. Future oriented.

The RAMPF Values are the foundation of our company. In so-called “Value Dialogues”, we regularly examine how these shape the interactions among ourselves and with customers and partners. This is an exciting – and indeed valuable! – process.


RAMPF Goes Global – An Internship Abroad In Portugal

Working where others go on vacation? This dream becomes reality for Alexa Gross. As part of her training as a laboratory chemist at RAMPF Polymer Solutions, she travels to Lisbon for an internship.


“We are taking this evolutionary step together with our customers”

RAMPF Production Systems has transformed itself from a dispensing specialist into an equipment manufacturer for customized solutions.


555 Years at RAMPF!

In 2022, 38 employees celebrated their anniversary at the RAMPF Group – and the sum of these anniversaries amounted to 555 years. Congratulations!

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It’s Show Time at the Hockenheimring – Part 2

Fruitful exchange between university and industry – three Master students from the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences have launched the “Race to Mill” project in cooperation with RAMPF Machine Systems. They are developing a 3-axis…

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It’s Show Time at the Hockenheimring – Part 1

Ladies, start your engines! As guests of the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, RAMPF employees Franziska Wasserberg and Rebecca Sanwald received an in-depth look behind the scenes of the spectacular racing competition Formula Student…


Congratulations, Katrin!

The Reutlingen, Tübingen, and Zollernalb Chamber of Industry and Commerce has recognized Katrin Eisenlohr for graduating with one of its top marks in 2021/2022. We ask the newly qualified industrial clerk about the secret to her success and…

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Tinkerers@Work – When Dispensing Specialists Construct Electric Motorbikes

The enthusiasm for electric vehicles is no longer limited to four wheels. You can also travel fast – and in an environmentally friendly way – on two wheels.

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A Summer in the Country of Engineering

Connor Fitzgerald from Canada spends three months at RAMPF Production Systems – we talk to 19-the year-old student about his time in Germany and what he learned at the engineering company based in Zimmern ob Rottweil.


Score Goals! Prevent Goals!

Handball Bundesliga team TUSSIES Metzingen, Germany, starts the new season tomorrow, Saturday, September 10. RAMPF-sponsored players Lea Schüpbach and Lena Degenhardt will contribute to the team's success at the back and front of the pitch –…

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Committed To Environmental Protection

Third Pond Clean-Up Day at RAMPF USA in Wixom, MI


Biking For A Good Cause

Charity event „Tour de Kreisle” – 60 cyclists ride almost 400 kilometers in five days to collect donations for the hospice association in Göppingen. RAMPF Machine Systems is one of the many companies in the region that made a donation.


Professional Development – A Rewarding Investment for Company & Employee

Although Svenja Grübl and Luca Barth have had very different professional careers, they have one thing in common: they like to learn new things. In terms of professional life, this means not being content with the knowledge gained in their…


Firm Footing In Life

The RAMPF Production Systems Works Council and staff donate 1,200 euros to the EIGEN-SINN workshop in Freudenstadt, Germany.


Thank You, Marli!

One of Germany's best handball players is ending her career. Marlene Kalf and RAMPF CEOs Matthias and Michael Rampf come together to look back on the impressive career of the captain of the TUSSIES Metzingen Bundesliga team and her…


A Clever Little Owl

Wangen public library, near the German town of Göppingen, now boasts a new attraction – a “Luka Reading Island”. RAMPF Machine Systems and a number of other local donors helped fund this new acquisition for the benefit of library users young…


Channeling emotion to achieve top performances

Anybody growing up in Niederwürzbach is destined to become a professional handball player. Okay, so it is not quite as simple as that – but Björn Zintel’s dream has certainly come true. Sponsored by RAMPF, Björn plays for Bundesliga team HBW…


RAMPF goes international – Studying in Scotland!

Getting to know a new culture, exploring picturesque landscapes, taking informative lectures – Franziska Weiß spends the fourth semester of her dual bachelor's degree in business administration at Edinburgh Napier University.

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Environmental Champion

The renowned F.A.Z-Institute recognizes RAMPF Group’s efforts to reduce waste and neutralize climate emissions.

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Friends For Life

RAMPF employee Edvina Smarsly donates bone marrow to the German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS) – and saves the life of blood cancer patient Ümmü Turgut.

Close Contour Products

An Innovative Concept

The Lincoln Anniversary Concept Vehicle takes center stage at the prestigious Monterey Car Week in Pebble Beach, CA.

, Career

Olé! Spain, Here We come!

RAMPF-sponsored handball aces Marlene Kalf and Lena Degenhardt are playing for the German national team at the Handball World Cup. We talked to the world-class athletes about their expectations on the tournament.

, Career

Biking For The Planet

“Stadtradeln” competition – 29 RAMPF employees cycle 3,595 miles to save 850 kilograms of CO2


Successful Career Start

Young RAMPF talents immerse themselves in the exciting world of our international Group of companies with motivated trainers and helpful mentors accompanying them.

Machine beds & components

Mineral Casting for Industrial Applications – Part 2

Mineral casting and ultra-high performance concrete from RAMPF are found everywhere in mechanical engineeMineral casting and ultra-high performance concrete from RAMPF are found everywhere in mechanical engineering – including in solar…

, Adhesives

RAMPF and the new Volkswagen ID.3 – a firm bond

RAMPF Production Systems is working closely with Volkswagen, supplying the bonding technology for its new electric car model

Career, Adhesives, Electro Casting Resins, , Engineering Casting Resins, Sealing Systems

Better and Faster Customer Service

The cloud-based customer and service portal "Project Cockpit" from RAMPF Production Systems provides all the relevant information on machines and systems centrally on one platform and in real time. This has significantly increased the…

Machine beds & components

Mineral Casting for industrial applications – Part 1

Since the end of the 1990s, alternative machine bed materials such as EPUMENT® mineral casting and EPUDUR ultra-high performance concrete have become increasingly important in mechanical engineering and dynamic production technology. We will…

Machine beds & components

How to (2) – Mineral Casting Components with Maximum Precision

Machine tools and production machines in the semiconductor, laser, medical, and packaging industries carry out high-precision processes. For this, the individual components of the machine must be perfectly assembled with the machine bed or…

Machine beds & components

How to (1) – Manufacturing Mineral Casting Components

From producing the casting mold to mixing the mineral casting ingredients to painting the finished part – here is the exciting story of how a high-tech machine component made of EPUMENT® mineral casting from RAMPF Machine Systems is…


No Time for the Lockdown Blues

Comedian meets entrepreneur – Helge Thun and Michael Rampf on how corona has accelerated digitization and the importance of creativity and spontaneity

Engineering Casting Resins, Board Materials, Sealing Systems, Electro Casting Resins, Adhesives, Sustainability

„It is all about upcycling“

RAMPF Eco Solutions is a true pioneer of polyurethane recycling. CEO Matthias Rampf and Sales & Marketing Manager Marco Werth explain how the company extracts high-quality recycling polyols from used mattresses, furniture, or car seats – and…


„Product responsibility over the entire life cycle“

Interview with Klaus Junginger, CEO of the Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes (FSK), on polyurethane recycling

Machine beds & components

An Ultra-Stable Combination

The filling of steel and cast structures with epoxy resin-bonded mineral casting is a well-established technique. More than that, machine bed assemblies are increasingly being designed as hybrid structures from the outset – using EPUFILL…


A Piece of Tropical Paradise

You can bring the feeling of serenity and tranquility of the Hawaiian Islands to your home – thanks to the renowned artist Doug Bolly, the modelling experts from White Sword Theming, and a high-performance polyurethane resin from RAMPF USA.


Handball Talk at RAMPF

RAMPF trainee Lena Degenhardt, handball professional at the Bundesliga club TUSSIES Metzingen, meets Mike Jensen, goalkeeper from handball Bundesliga club HBW Balingen-Weilstetten

Close Contour Products, , Board Materials

Every Crisis Creates Opportunities

Denny Foehn, Director of Sales & Marketing at RAMPF Tooling Solutions, talks about the effects of the corona pandemic on the world's largest board material producer

Machine beds & components

Bonding Pebbles

Leading mechanical engineers use mineral casting for constructing their machine base. Why? Dr. Thomas Abel, Director of Laboratory at RAMPF Machine Systems, knows the answer


Higher dispensing speeds. Shorter lead times. Same top quality.

FlexSpeed dispensing robots from RAMPF Production Systems dispense slowly around corners and speed along straight sections


Politics and Business in Dialogue

Member of the Baden-Württemberg state parliament Rudi Fischer and the RAMPF management team discuss globalization, the innovative strength of small and medium-sized companies, and the economic consequences of the corona pandemic.

Sealing Systems, Adhesives

Our Expertise for Your Home

The household appliances industry a fiercely competitive global business. Find out how sealing systems from RAMPF Polymer Solutions provide your products with a vital advantage!

Machine beds & components

Climate-controlled Precision Grinding

RAMPF Machine Systems has taken grinding into its own hands with its very own Precision Grinding Center, offering a complete service for high-precision machine components made of mineral casting, ultra-high performance concrete, gray cast…

, Career

Welcome to the Future Forge

Trainees at RAMPF Production Systems have a bright future (part 2)

Gruppenfoto neue RAMPF Azubis 2019
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Dedicated Talents for Mechatronics, Product Design, and the Office

Trainees at RAMPF Production Systems have a bright future ahead (part 1)

Machine beds & components

Domestic Sourcing – Supply Security in Times of Crisis

The best technology is only of use if it is available just in time, i.e. at the desired time, in the required quality, and in sufficient quantity. RAMPF Machine Systems ensures this with five production plants on three continents, a…


Professional Sports in Times of Corona

We spoke to German handball international Marlene Zapf and RAMPF patronage player – via phone, of course – and asked her how she is dealing with the situation.

Sealing Systems

Close Connection – Sealing Systems and Door Modules

Moisture outside the car is OK, but inside it‘s a no go. That is why vehicles must be reliably sealed. In door modules, high-performance sealing foams from RAMPF Polymer Solutions fulfil this important tasks realiably and in the long term.


Technological Marvel Meets Paintbrush – Picasso Would Be Jealous!

It is a technical and architectural masterpiece. Now, the thyssenkrupp test tower in Rottweil also served as an artistic inspiration for the employees of RAMPF Production Systems.

Engineering Casting Resins

Mineral Casting – More Than Just The Right Ingredients!

Specially selected stones and minerals, together with high-quality binding agents based on epoxy resin, pave the way for machine beds and machine bed components with impressive technical and ecological properties, a wide variety of design…

Sealing Systems

Rigorous Examination!

UL 50, UL 50E, UL 94 – What do these certificates mean and why are they important for sealing foams?

Adhesives, Sustainability

Strong Bonds – Without Solvents!

RAMPF Polymer Solutions develops and produces adhesive systems that are free of NMP and NEP. This is good both for the health of its employees and the environment.


Strong partners for the household appliance industry

Reliable two-component bonding of oven control panels with Openair-Plasma®

Sealing Systems,

Sealing, Bonding. Casting. At the Speed of Light.

Faster than ever before – RAMPF's new modular microwave technology RAKU® Microwave Curing achieves ultra-fast curing and processing times when mixing and dispensing sealing systems, adhesives, and casting resins.

Machine beds & components

It’s all in the name

Ultra-high performance concrete made by RAMPF lives up to its description. EPUDUR is the go-to material for large, heavy machine beds and machine bed components in highly dynamic mechanical engineering applications.


Mixing. Brushing. Coupling. Casting. Tamping. Or laminating.

This blog post shows you what the lay-up method is and the benefits it offers.


Creating new things together!

Trainee Leonie Albrecht reports on the RAMPF Trainee Days 2019 in Zimmern ob Rottweil

Electro Casting Resins

Stay Cool

Innovative casting systems – and especially their thermal conductivity – are crucial for the performance of electrical and electronic components. We explain why – and how you can get your free ticket for the productronica trade fair from…

Sealing Systems,

RAMPF at Filtech 2019

Reactive resins and production systems with integrated dispensing technology: At Filtech 2019, the international RAMPF Group is presenting innovative solutions and products for the filter industry. Get your free ticket now!

Sealing Systems

A World of Pioneers – RAMPF at K 2019!

Sealing systems, adhesives, and heavy-duty elastomers are the focus of RAMPF Polymer Solutions at this year's K trade fair in Düsseldorf. Get your free ticket now!

Engineering Casting Resins

It’s All About Casting

Casting methods with RAKU® TOOL casting resins.

Board Materials

Mit dem Zweiten sieht man – RAMPF

, Career

Let The Games Begin

The upcoming Handball Bundesliga season promises to be a very special one for RAMPF. The company is supporting three teams in Germany’s top divisions. In the men’s Liqui Moly Bundesliga, RAMPF is supporting Frisch Auf Göppingen and HBW. In…

Machine beds & components

Mineral Casting – A Brief History

Whether as a solid basis for machine bed components or as a vibration-damping machine base – mineral casting is an indispensable part of mechanical engineering.

Engineering Casting Resins

Polyurethane for Gigantic Construction Project

High-performance precision molds made of polyurethane, developed by RAMPF Polymer Solutions and WASA Compound GmbH & Co. KG, play an important role in the gigantic railway project Crossrail in London. Find out more about the project and how…


Bonding with hybrid adhesives

Vibrations, shocks, temperature fluctuations: bonded components are exposed to numerous stresses. That is why hybrid adhesives are used more and more often – including one-component systems from RAMPF Polymer Solutions.

Adhesives, Sealing Systems

RAMPF meets Hollywood

A Henkel Adhesive Technologies film shot at RAMPF Production Systems provides the perfect stage for optical bonding technology.

Engineering Casting Resins

Get a grip!

Climbing is becoming ever more popular – just like the climbing grips and walls made by RAMPF in the US.

, Board Materials, Adhesives

A Nice Place to Live

Mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, forests – Baden-Wuerttemberg has diverse landscapes, which are shown in great detail by a topography model made of polyurethane

Board Materials, Engineering Casting Resins

New Casting System for the Sanitary Ware Industry

For casting on wet plaster. Easy to repair and grindable. User-friendly. Premium quality.

Sealing Systems

Indoor, Outdoor, Offshore – Control Cabinets Must Be Tightly Sealed!

Control cabinets are extremely important for modern processes and production facilities. And that is why they must be reliably protected – by high-performance sealing foams made of polyurethane and silicone.

Engineering Casting Resins

Big. Bigger. PRECAST Molds.

State-of-the-art sports arena, state-of-the-art materials and processes: RAMPF Polymer Solutions and WASA Compound develop a high-performance polyurethane system for the stunning exterior of the new Puskás Ferenc Stadium in Budapest


Mind the Gap

In power electronics and the battery industry, gap fillers ensure that sensitive electrical/electronic components do not overheat. The thermal pastes are thus also crucial for the success of electric mobility.


Careers at RAMPF

At RAMPF Polymer Solutions, there is a great variety of jobs, whether in the chemical or technical field. If you have the talent and the motivation, you can start and pursue a successful career.



„Sponsor of the Day“ – National player Marlene Zapf and Michael Rampf talk about the season of Metzingen's handball team, the development of the squad, and RAMPF's sponsoring activites

Sealing Systems

Everyday Life with Dispensing Technology

Waking up, doing the washing, driving your car, working, cooking dinner – nothing works without dispensing technology from RAMPF.

Sealing Systems

Air Filter Production with Polyurethane, Epoxy, and Silicone

What do polyurethane, epoxy, silicone, and hotmelt adhesives have to do with air filtration? Find out in RAMPF’s new blog post.


Sandwiches must be glued together!

Tasty? Not really. However, adhesive systems based on PU and reactive hotmelts ensure the required load bearing capacity and rigidity of sandwich panels.

Electro Casting Resins

Long-term heat resistance a key benefit

It slows down material aging processes and ensures that electrical and electronic equipment delivers a high level of performance that lasts.


Optimum capacity utilization

RAMPF Production Systems develops a customized production plant for the automotive supplier Continental.

Close Contour Products, Board Materials

Shapely. Practical. Close Contour Paste.

Six good reasons why to use Close Contour Paste

Close Contour Products

Close Contour Casting: Order it, mill it, and you’re done!

Models, molds, and tools can be produced quickly and easily using RAKU® TOOL Close Contour Casting.

Sealing Systems

FIPFG and FIPG are on the fast track

FIPFG and FIPG for the Automotive Industry

Machine beds & components

The factory of the future

EPUMENT mineral casting provides the vibration-damping basis for IoT.

, Sustainability

The Golden Rule for a better society

The social project Kayak4Conservation, co-founded by RAMPF employee Tertius Kammeyer, is an inspiration to people across the globe.


Maximizing customer benefits in the scorching heat

RAMPF Eco Solutions installs a multifunctional plant for manufacturing polyols with temperatures soaring to a maximum of 126 °F.

Close Contour Products

Modeling – faster than ever! Halve your milling times.

Close Contour Casting RAKU® TOOL CC-6010 + neues Blockbuster-Fräswerkzeug = Signifikante Fräszeit-Reduzierung

Board Materials

The Lions are back.

They mysteriously disappeared and were never to be found again. But now the eight lions that once graced the ionic Amstel hotel in Amsterdam are back.

Board Materials

Simply mill it and you’re done!

Bonding, processing, and machining of boards

Sustainability, Electro Casting Resins, Sealing Systems,

Electrifying the automotive industry

The complete electrification of drives is an emerging trend. This isn’t just the case for cars, but also bicycles, buses, and trucks


Revolutionizing the shoe industry with dispensing technology

Liquid Factory from Reebok is an innovation that could fundamentally change shoe production. The international sportswear giant has used innovative dispensing technology from RAMPF to produce a high-performance sports shoe from 3D drawings.


Living and working where others go on vacation

The Rottweil district is located between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb. This means nature at its very best – but that’s only the start.

Machine beds & components

Industry 4.0 – when machine beds “have their say”

Ever faster, ever more dynamic, ever more precise – cutting-edge production technology has to meet requirements that are increasing rapidly.

Board Materials,

Composites on the edge – Callaway puts its faith in RAMPF

Carbon is everywhere in the new Corvette C7 GT3-R from Callaway Competition – also thanks to RAMPF Tooling Solutions and its lightweight construction solutions for composites. The Callaway Competition Corvette C7 GT3-R is ready for the new…

Close Contour Products, Board Materials

Mold engineering made in Germany – Close Contour Casting now also for NAFTA markets

Transatlantic technology transfer: The U.S. subsidiary RAMPF Group, Inc. now supplies the RAKU® TOOL Close Contour Casting technology for mold engineering developed and perfected by RAMPF Tooling Solutions in Germany.