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02/08/21 | Liquid Systems

A Piece of Tropical Paradise

You can bring the feeling of serenity and tranquility of the Hawaiian Islands to your home – thanks to the renowned artist Doug Bolly, the modelling experts from White Sword Theming, and a high-performance polyurethane resin from RAMPF USA.

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Handball Talk at RAMPF

RAMPF trainee Lena Degenhardt, handball professional at the Bundesliga club TUSSIES Metzingen, meets Mike Jensen, goalkeeper from handball Bundesliga club HBW Balingen-Weilstetten

12/02/20 | Close Contour Products, Liquid Systems, Board Materials

Every Crisis Creates Opportunities

Denny Foehn, Director of Sales & Marketing at RAMPF Tooling Solutions, talks about the effects of the corona pandemic on the world's largest board material producer

11/13/20 | Machine beds & components

Bonding Pebbles

Leading mechanical engineers use mineral casting for constructing their machine base. Why? Dr. Thomas Abel, Director of Laboratory at RAMPF Machine Systems, knows the answer

11/10/20 | Dispensing Systems & Robots

Higher dispensing speeds. Shorter lead times. Same top quality.

FlexSpeed dispensing robots from RAMPF Production Systems dispense slowly around corners and speed along straight sections


Politics and Business in Dialogue

Member of the Baden-Württemberg state parliament Rudi Fischer and the RAMPF management team discuss globalization, the innovative strength of small and medium-sized companies, and the economic consequences of the corona pandemic.

10/13/20 | Sealing Systems, Adhesives

Our Expertise for Your Home

The household appliances industry a fiercely competitive global business. Find out how sealing systems from RAMPF Polymer Solutions provide your products with a vital advantage!