Successful Career Start


Young RAMPF talents immerse themselves in the exciting world of our international Group of companies with motivated trainers and helpful mentors accompanying them.

Do you remember your first workday? Excitement and anticipation mixed with a pinch of nervousness? The thought carousel in your head – “Will I feel at home here? How will my new colleagues receive me? Am I prepared for what lies ahead?”

The start of something new can sometimes feel like jumping in at the deep end. At RAMPF, we try making it a bit easier on our trainees and dedicate the first few days to getting to know our Group of companies in a relaxed atmosphere. During the so-called “introductory week” at the headquarters in Grafenberg, various training courses, a tour of the company, and a welcome from trainers and mentors are on the agenda.

RAMPF CEO Michael Rampf:

As a family-owned company, it is very important to us that all our employees feel at home right from the start.

In the first week of September 2021, seven trainees and one dual student started their professional careers at RAMPF. This year, the motto of the event was the RAMPF slogan “discover the future”.

After a round of introductions, during which the trainees from the second year of their apprenticeship introduced themselves as mentors, the initial reticence of the newcomers had already been overcome.

Equipped with pen, paper, and many interesting questions to answer, the newcomers went on a journey of discovery through the various plants and departments. The trainees mastered all their tasks with flying colors and came back with loads of new information – and a stylish RAMPF trainee shirt.

Chemistry is cool

After getting to know the individual companies and departments, the trainees visited the laboratory, where they were shown how polyurethane foam is made. They were truly impressed by the spectacular chemical reaction and all agreed that chemistry is cool.

At the end of the first day it was time to do some sports, with Saskia Müsch from the fitness club PT-Reutlingen showing the trainees some great exercises to help them stay fit. The health of its employees is very important to RAMPF, with the group offering an encompassing occupational health management program.

Michael Rampf :

We proactively support our staff to stay healthy, productive, and creative. This way, we can all contribute to our joint success with full commitment and dedication.

The program for the following days included, amongst others, a presentation by RAMPF Polymer Solutions and RAMPF Tooling Solutions, with staff showing the trainees what the companies manufacture and in which industries the products are used. The newcomers were very impressed by the wide range of applications of RAMPF’s solutions – from navigation displays, sport stadiums, amusement park exhibits, to sealing foams for washing machines.


Another highlight was the filming of an Instagram video for the marketing department. Here, our new trainees demonstrated both their creativity and acting skills.


The eventful "introductory week" was concluded with a feedback session. Noah Wagner, who started his dual study course at RAMPF, sums up:

We all agree that this event was a great start to our professional career. We have truly arrived at the company and already feel part of the RAMPF team.