Careers at RAMPF


Whether you are a manager, student, or an intern; whether your work in the laboratory or in engineering: At RAMPF, everyone can achieve their full potential. The following four „RAMPF protagonists“ are proof of this:

Multifaceted tasks

“We bring chemistry and engineering together“, says Martin Hämmerle. As Director of Application Engineering at RAMPF Polymer Solutions, he and his team are responsible for testing the company's gasketing foams, electro casting resins, and adhesive systems in customer applications, producing demonstration samples, conducting trials on the department's mixing and dispensing systems, and supporting the implementation of series production.

“As the interface between product development, equipment manufacturer, and customer, our work is varied, challenging, and requires creative solutions. We go about it with a lot of dedication and creativity.”

In 2001, the 44-year-old graduates with a degree in chemical engineering from Reutlingen University. Specializing in plastics chemistry also includes engineering, and this technical expertise helps him in his day-to-day work.

Martin Hämmerle has been Director of Application Technology at RAMPF Polymer Solutions since 2007 and, since 2009, a member of the company’s management team. There he is proactively involved in shaping the corporate strategy – “an important and exciting task, especially given the dynamic growth of our company”.

But that's not all: In 2017, together with his colleagues from project management, he sets up a “small, but important department” in which young professionals are trained in the coordination of complex projects.

Customer is King

Sebastian Kärcher has been working at RAMPF since August 2016. After completing his master thesis, which he writes at RAMPF, he starts off as a project manager. “Among other things, I was responsible for checking the material and quality requirements of our customers, coordinating project participants and resources, and communicating with internal and external partners.”

In July 2018, he is appointed Market Segment Manager. Here, the focus is on customer service as well as projects in the fields of e-mobility, lighting, and control cabinets. “Comprehensive chemical expertise is essential for fully identifying the needs of our customers. This sets the stage for our development and product managers to manufacture tailor-made solutions. In e-mobility projects, I work with customers from the automotive industry and benefit from the experience I gained during my bachelor thesis at Porsche”, the chemical engineer explains.

Finding innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow is part of the day-to-day work at RAMPF Polymer Solutions. For Sebastian Kärcher and his colleagues, looking outside the box and striking new paths is therefore a matter of course.

Climbing the Career Ladder

She begins as a trainee, obtains her bachelor's degree, and is now working on her master's degree – Manuela Roder has her goals firmly in sight and an employer who fully supports her.

In 2012, she starts her career at RAMPF Polymer Solutions as a chemical laboratory apprentice. In the development laboratory, she gets acquainted with sealing foams, electro-casting and adhesive systems. “Chemistry fascinates me, working in the lab is exciting and varied.”

After her training is completed, she climbs the next step on the career ladder – the bachelor's degree in polymer chemistry at Reutlingen University. “RAMPF gave me the opportunity to finance my studies by continuing to work in the lab as a working student”, the 25-year-old recalls.

Meanwhile, Manuela Roder is a master student and also wants to write her master thesis at RAMPF Polymer Solutions. “The development of new and the optimization of existing products requires creative solutions. The knowledge acquired during my studies enables me to solve problems and tasks in a targeted way. I’m very grateful that RAMPF has supported me throughout my educational career, and I look forward to utilizing my newly acquired knowledge in the company.”

Chemical Affinity

Already as a high school graduate, he knows it – he wants a job that has something to do with chemistry. “At school, I was very interested in the subject, also because we had really good teachers.”

This chemical affinity brings Christian Schietinger to Reutlingen University, where he studies Applied Chemistry, focusing on the combination of engineering and chemistry.

After he completes the fourth semester, an internship is due, so the 21-year-old visits the TIC Career Day at Reutlingen University, where RAMPF is also represented with a booth. “I had already heard of the company and found their presentation at the fair very convincing. I applied immediately and am very happy to now be doing an internship in the application technology department at RAMPF Polymer Solutions for half a year.”

Application technology? Yes, that is Martin Hämmerle’s department, so it is not surprising that Christian Schietinger really likes it there. “The customer projects are really interesting. The combination of polymers and working on the mixing and dispensing systems is great fun. "