Taking responsiblity

For the environment. For future generations.

Environmental protection has played an important role at our company from day one. we achieved an initial milestone with the invention of the first polyurethane modeling board. One aim of this development was to replace ornamental wood types such as mahogany with plastic to avoid further depletion of the world’s forests. In subsequent years, the company has taken all possible technical and economic measures to minimize its environmental impact and conserve natural resources.

As a responsible family-run company, the RAMPF Group has undertaken a voluntary commitment to act sustainably. The principle of sustainable environmental protection is also firmly anchored in the RAMPF Values. This is not simply a task for management. It isn’t just a slogan but a guiding principle, particularly when it comes to energy. Rising prices, scarce energy resources, and, first and foremost, our responsibility to future generations motivate us to use energy intelligently. At RAMPF everyone pulls together.

WE design our processes, taking into account cost-efficiency, so that priority is given to personal health and safety, while negative effects on the environment are minimized. We are prepared for any incidents.

WE give preference to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products and services if they improve our environmental performance to an economically reasonable extent. WE ensure that energy and environmental factors are always taken into account in planning new products, processes, and services

WE undertake to meet all requirements and expectations deemed to be binding. And in the course of our activities, we do not just comply with all legal requirements but are also committed to surpassing them.

Our energy and environmental factors are monitored and optimized continuously. To do this, WE use the PDCA method to constantly enhance the environmental management system and our energy and environmental performance. To this end, WE produce systematic analyses that WE combine and use to create strategic and operational targets. These targets form the basis of our environmental and energy action program. WE evaluate the results at regular intervals, adapting the targets and, where appropriate, our environmental policy. WE provide the necessary resources to do this.

WE promote open dialog on topics relating to energy efficiency and environmental protection and pledge to raise awareness in these areas among our employees, suppliers, customers, and external companies. Environmental protection is part of our leadership role.

WE integrate all levels of our company into environmental management. Responsibilities that fall within the environmental management system are specified in the handbook and related documents and are binding on all employees.