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06/18/19 | Sealing Systems

Control cabinets are extremely important for modern processes and production facilities. And that is why they must be reliably protected – by high-performance sealing foams made of polyurethane and silicone.

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06/05/19 | Konstruktionsgießharze

State-of-the-art sports arena, state-of-the-art materials and processes: RAMPF Polymer Solutions and WASA Compound develop a high-performance polyurethane system for the stunning exterior of the new Puskás Ferenc Stadium in Budapest

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04/15/19 | Elektrogießharze, Sealing Systems, Dosieranlagen & Dosierroboter

In power electronics and the battery industry, gap fillers ensure that sensitive electrical/electronic components do not overheat. The thermal pastes are thus also crucial for the success of electric mobility.

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03/13/19 | Dosieranlagen & Dosierroboter

Waking up, doing the washing, driving your car, working, cooking dinner – nothing works without dispensing technology from RAMPF.

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02/11/19 | Sealing Systems, Elektrogießharze

What do polyurethane, epoxy, silicone, and hotmelt adhesives have to do with air filtration? Find out in RAMPF’s new blog post.

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12/17/18 | Klebstoffe

Tasty? Not really. However, adhesive systems based on PU and reactive hotmelts ensure the required load bearing capacity and rigidity of sandwich panels.

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12/10/18 | Elektrogießharze

It slows down material aging processes and ensures that electrical and electronic equipment delivers a high level of performance that lasts.

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11/16/18 | Dosieranlagen & Dosierroboter

RAMPF Production Systems develops a customized production plant for the automotive supplier Continental.

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