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Cartography close-up. With RAKU® TOOL.

Swabians can do everything - except speak accent-free German!

It is a popular saying in Germany that Swabians can do everything except speak accent-free German. Whilst this is rather tongue-in-cheek, they are certainly very good at developing new products. Baden-Württemberg is a land of inventors: Nowhere in Europe is there such zest for inventing new products and processes!

The Swabians from Grafenberg provide the latest proof of this with their brand new product: the flame retardant panel RAKU® TOOL FP-0590. It was used for the production of a topography model of Swabia's’ home state, Baden-Württemberg. The topography model was displayed at an exhibition where the visitors where able to touch and further explore the model via interactive media.

Flame retardant topography model that can be touched and explored!

the board material FP-0590 from rampf needed to fulfil a number of customer requirements:

  • Flame retardant according to European fire class certification
  • Fast and easy model production
  • Good strength
  • Must withstand abusive environment (transportation, touching of model by trade fair visitors etc.)

The production process in four steps:


1. Bonding of panels with specially matched adhesive RAKU® TOOL PP-3359 / PH-3905

2. Milling of model according to CAD data

3. Painting of model with cartography yellow according to specifications by the federal state and to achieve UV protection

4. Finish

Your added value

European fire class certification, Class C-s2, d0, EN 13501-1
Flame retardance UL94V0-2mm equivalent*

*All tests regarding flame resistance and/or flame retardance in accordance with test specification UL94V0 have been completed and measured internally.

Fine surface structure
Easy to paint with all commercially available paint finishing systems

Low density, similar to maple or larch wood
Good machinability and processing by hand, direct drilling of threaded holes possible

No fibrous structure, good edge strength

No swelling through water absorption

Dimensionally stable, low coefficient of thermal expansion

Adhesive is specially matched to board material

Comprehensive technical support by experienced RAMPF technicians – world-wide

Product information at a glance


Density 0.60 g/cm3

Further applications for this modeling board:

  • Decorations and interior parts which require flame retardance

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Project partner

Höss Design
Robert-Bosch-Straße 14
D-72654 Neckartenzlingen