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Redefining Flexibility: MC Multipurpose Cell

MC Multipurpose Cell

Modular cell concept for dispensing, joining, assembling, and testing


Automation in the smallest of spaces – with RAMPF Production Systems 

The universal RAMPF Multipurpose Cell can be precisely tailored to customer needs and enables series production using a modular system with a minimal footprint. Building on the various cell sizes available, its modular design means we can expand the MC to include dispensing technology, small robots, linear axes, conveyor belts, and rotary indexing or sliding tables. Customized technology for joining, assembling, and testing creates a space-saving automation concept available as a stand-alone solution or production line. Choose between systems from Siemens or Beckhoff for the controls.






The brand new MC video!

Added value

  • Flexible and compact automation solutions for sealing, casting, and bonding
  • Variable cell sizes for a wide range of applications
  • Available as a stand-alone concept or production line
  • Intuitive operation via RAMPF-HMI
  • Controls from Beckhoff or Siemens
  • Time-saving installation and commissioning

Dispensing technology

  • Integration of one- or two-component dispensing systems incl. material preparation
  • Dispensing of all mixable materials, from liquid to pastelike
  • Material supply from cartridges, canisters, or 200-liter-drum

Features and Extensions

  • Dispensing technology combined with assembly and testing technology, surface activation (plasma)
  • Small robots, linear axes, conveyor belts, lifting doors, light grids
  • Rotary indexing, sliding, and work tables
  • Large-size touchscreen or mobile panel
  • CNC gantry carriage with various travel ranges
(available for all cell sizes)

Cell sizes

(W x D in mm, H 2300)

RAMPF automation competence in the smallest of spaces

Dispensing cell with cantilever gear and dual
shuttle table

Dispensing cell with portal gear, twin conveyor
belt, and wing door

Air-conditioned cell with dispensing and joining robot, rotary index table, plasma
treatment, and conveyor belt

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