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Replica production with RAKU® TOOL SB-0240 board material

©InterContinental ®Amstel Amsterdam



They misteriously disappeared

and were never to be found again.

But now the eight lions that once graced the iconic Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam (Netherlands) have returned – thanks to some serious historical detective work, the tooling know-how of the Dutch company Scabro, and a high-performance polyurethane board from RAMPF.


Eight lion replicas were produced.

The Board Material SB-0240 haD to meet a Number of requirements:

  • Good surface quality
  • Fast and easy model production
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Withstanding an abusive environment (transport etc.)

The production process in four steps:


1. Milling of lion replicas according to CAD data

2. Hand finishing of milled lions before painting

3. Painting / coating with different epoxy resins

4. Finishing


Your added  value


Good surface finish



Dimensionally stable thanks to linear coefficient of thermal expansion



Fast and easy to machine



Can also be shaped by hand



Immediately available



Adhesive matched to color and hardness of board material



Comprehensive technical support by experienced RAMPF technicians


Product information at a glance


Density 0.24 g/cm3

Further applications

  • Styling models
  • Laminating molds for epoxy laminates
  • Substructures
  • Negative molds for casting

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