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As individual as your project! Interior furnishings with RAKU® TOOL MB-0600

Wood and Plastics – Hand in Hand

Top-quality. Individual. Interior furnishings designed with RAKU® TOOL.

Interior furnishings must be very robust and have a high level of functionality. At the same time, they must emanate design creativity and feature a high-quality exterior. A prime example for the perfect interplay of these attributes are the side tables manufactured by the carpentry Beth Einrichtungen - using our board material RAKU® TOOL MB-0600.

A side table – stylish and classy.

The modeling board MB-0600 had to fulfil a number of requirements:

  • Thermal forming of material
  • Good surface structure
  • Low dust during processing

The production process in five steps:

1. Milling of furniture parts / thermal forming

2. Painting of exterior

3. Applying walnut veneer to inside furniture parts

4. Assembly

5. Finishing

Your benefits

Precision surface, no fiber structure or branches. Homogeneous.

Not hygroscopic, therefore no swelling or distortion, since not water or moisture sensitive.

Dimensionally stable.

Minimal finishing and painting effort.

Easy to mill, gentle on milling tools. Can also be shaped manually. Minimal dust.

Material allows for partial thermal forming. In this way, material usage can be reduced when working with curved geometries.

Can be delivered immediately with specially matched adhesive.

Product information at a glance


Density 0.60 g/cm3

Application areas

To complement, combine, and support craftsmanship in the manufacture, installation, and repair of interior furnishing and lightweight components, wall coverings, ceiling elements, and interior furniture for yachts and airplanes.

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Project partner

Christopher Dallmann


Beth Einrichtungen
Volkert Beth
Holstenstraße 63a
25560 Schenefeld