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Thermoplastic and reactive hotmelt adhesives from RAMPF Polymer Solutions can be formulated and manufactured in a very wide product window.

DIN EN 923 defines a hotmelt adhesive as follows: A hotmelt adhesive (French: colle thermofusible) is a thermally fusible adhesive system that develops cohesion (internal strength) after cooling.

Like other adhesives, hotmelts are made up of one or more polymers, together with various additives such as stabilizers or pigments.

Hotmelt adhesives initially take the form of granules, blocks, or sticks. These are melted in melting machines at temperatures of between +130°C and +200°C and applied to components in liquid form. The solid component bond is only created during the cooling process.

The rapid generation of cohesive forces during the cooling process enables immediate further processing of bonded parts, which paves the way for an effective production process.

We make a distinction between thermoplastic and reactive hotmelts:

Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives enable fusing to be reversed if the temperature increases sufficiently, which means they lose their cohesion and return to their liquid state. If the polymer molecules are cross-linked after the physical setting process, however, the bonding force is maintained even if the temperature rises. Such systems are referred to as reactive hotmelts.

Reactive hotmelt adhesives can be adapted to the often highly diverse bonding and other requirements of production processes. Ever greater use of renewable raw materials is also possible.

Hotmelt adhesives are primarily used for bonding in the automotive, wood/furniture, and household goods industries.

Applications of hotmelts

  • Bonding in the automotive and wood/furniture industries
  • Sandwich elements
  • Household goods

Properties of hotmelts

  • Very wide adhesion spectrum on numerous different substrates
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Impressive low-temperature flexibility and heat resistance
  • Solvent-free
  • Ever greater use of renewable raw materials possible

Hotmelt applications at RAMPF Polymer Solutions:


One- and two-component systems for permanent bonding of different materials