Bigger & Better – New Factory for RAMPF Composite Solutions

Burlington, Ontario, Canada, 10/21/20.

RAMPF Composite Solutions has started operations in its new factory. The 73,400 sq. ft. facility features state-of-the-art infrastructure for the production of premium carbon fiber and fiberglass composites parts for the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, high-end consumer, and green transportation industries.

Larry Fitzgerald, CEO of RAMPF Composite Solutions:

The size and layout of the new facility allow us to add equipment, further improve production processes and product quality, and significantly reduce lead and delivery times. We can now explore the numerous opportunities in the rapidly growing field of lightweight composites more effectively. This new facility will allow us to take on larger projects, where previously we were limited with available space and capabilities.

The building encompasses:

  • Large temperature-controlled lamination room in which both lamination and vacuum bagging are co-located to reduce processing lead times
  • New infusion vacuum pump system that further improves the control of the infusion process and reduces usage of nylon infusion tubing
  • Three large-capacity ovens that allow for curing of large, complex components
  • New dust-control system that provides for optimum air quality in CNC trimming operations.
  • Co-location of machine shop allows for the quick-turn creation of tools, jigs, and fixtures for prototyping

Operations in RAMPF Composite Solutions’ former facility, which is within close proximity of the new building, were discontinued in September.