Four New Repair Pastes for Board Materials

Grafenberg, 11/19/18.

Easy to process, fast curing: RAMPF Tooling Solutions presents four new RAKU® TOOL epoxy repair pastes for board materials.

The styrene- and solvent-free repair pastes RAKU® TOOL EP-2303 / EH-2936-2 (light blue), RAKU® TOOL  EP-2304 / EH-2936-2 (light green), RAKU® TOOL  EP-2305 / EH-2936-2 (apricot), and RAKU® TOOL  EP-2306 / EH-2936-2 (brown) are

  • easy to process,
  • fast curing at RT,
  • and exhibit very low shrinkage.

Excellent mechanical and optical qualities

The properties of the epoxy systems perfectly match the corresponding board materials.

Due to their excellent mechanical and optical qualities, the new RAKU® TOOL repair pastes guarantee first-class results both for filling and repairing holes and saw cuts as well as for compensating for unevenness.

RAKU® TOOL repair pastes are available as a working pack. The hardener is available separately, as it can be used with the respective board adhesive resins.