Brand new – Foamed adhesive RAKU® PUR 33-1034 for LED applications

Grafenberg, 05/24/18.

Premiere at PLAST 2018 in Milan: RAMPF Polymer Solutions presents the brand new foamed adhesive RAKU® PUR 33-1034 for LED applications. Additional highlights at Booth 122 / Hall 11 include the RAKU® PUR ICE sealing system for outdoor applications and the DC-CNC800 dispensing cell from RAMPF Production Systems.

Foamed adhesive RAKU® PUR 33-1034 for LED applications

With RAKU® PUR 33-1034, RAMPF Polymer Solutions is opening up a whole new world of possibilities in LED production. The foamed adhesive bonds and seals in one and is thus perfectly suited to modern LEDs, which are sealed permanently.

The two-component PU system ensures perfect adhesion and sealing between PC and PMMA – with no need for pre-treatment. Compared to standard adhesives, RAKU® PUR 33-1034 exhibits a very low density, which enables both material and cost savings.

The excellent aging resistance of RAKU® PUR 33-1034 ensures LED applications benefit from a long-lasting, high-quality look. Meanwhile, the rapid reaction and low curing times of the foamed adhesive help to speed up the production process.

RAKU® PUR 33-1034, which is suitable for both static and dynamic mixing, also boasts an impressively low viscosity, high resistance to chemicals, and very high tensile strength and elongation at break.

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DC-CNC800 compact dispensing cell from RAMPF Production Systems

The DC-CNC800 mixing and dispensing system from RAMPF Production Systems is the ideal solution for users who want a compact machine structure without having to compromise on control technology.

The system features a built-in material preparation unit and can be fitted with piston or gear pumps. A CNC Siemens Sinumerik control system and Beckhoff control technology are available for modular control.

A further advantage is integrated process monitoring that oversees pressures, fill levels, and speeds.

The DC-CNC800 can be fitted with a high-pressure rinse agent recycling system, high-pressure water rinsing, various application-specific automation systems, and the MS-C mixing system for dispensing rates of 0.1 g/sec and above.

Additional features include standardized operating concepts for shuttle table, rotary index plate, and conveyor feed, as well as vacuum barrel presses for gap filler.

Visit RAMPF Production Systems, RAMPF Polymer Solutions, and Italian RAMPF partner Cabelpiù at PLAST 2018, from May 29 to June 1 in Milan, Italy – Booth 122, Hall 11.

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