Turnkey solutions for optical bonding

Wixom, Michigan, USA, 09/20/17.

With a fully automated, partly patented joining method and top-grade liquid optically clear adhesives, RAMPF Group, Inc. presents a comprehensive solution for using optical bonding technology in displays at SID Vehicle Displays Detroit 2017.

From September 26 - 27 at Burton Manor Conference Center, Livonia, MI, visitors can find out how to achieve improved visibility, greater durability, thinner designs, and extended product by using cutting-edge processing technologies and silicone adhesives developed by RAMPF.

Vacuum application for optimum results

RAMPF has developed a fully automated, partly patented joining method that ensures the reliable, bubble-free application of bonding materials with subsequent joining of components. This cuts the scrap rate to approaching zero.

The bonding material is applied in a vacuum and the components are joined in an airless environment. The thin-film degassing technology of the single components makes it possible to process highly degassed bonding material.

Degassing of undercuts and the gap between the frame and display is also performed while the material is being applied. This minimizes the risk of air bubbles being trapped during the joining and curing processes.

The application of the bonding material is carried out by the RAMPF DC-VAC Vacuum Dispensing System. Designed for processing one- and two-component casting materials, it is fitted with vacuum material conditioning as standard and equipped with a dynamic mixing system. The encapsulating process can be easily adjusted and monitored thanks to the large viewing window.

A comprehensive range of monitoring equipment facilitates process control, while the vacuum chamber can be configured for manual filling or for integration into automated systems.

RAMPF Group, Inc. also offers its customers turnkey solutions for all optical bonding processes. In addition to the display joining method in a vacuum, the fully automated production systems also feature all the operations to bond displays to frames.

RAKU-SIL Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives

RAKU-SIL silicone adhesives from RAMPF boast outstanding optical and mechanical features:

  • 100% transparency / transmission
  • Total clarity, very low haze value
  • Stable color values throughout entire service life
  • Varying hardness levels from VLRH 20 to VLRH 95
  • Excellent adhesion

Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives from RAMPF deliver unbeatable value for money and have been optimized for industrial-scale processing on mixing and dispensing systems. They cure at room temperature and are available in various hardnesses and viscosities (from liquid to thixotropic).

RAMPF also offers high-class adhesives for attaching displays, frames, and supports etc. When used in combination, they are also ideal for the dam & fill process, in which a dam is filled with a highly viscous adhesive that keeps the free-flowing optical adhesive in place and, after joining, also helps adhesion.