Strong partners – strong bonds

Grafenberg, 06/11/17.

Adhesives are the defining bonding technology of the 21st century – the experts at both RAMPF Polymer Solutions and the Adhesives Technology Working Group from Robert Bosch GmbH are in full agreement on that. At a joint event at the RAMPF site in Grafenberg, the enormous potential of adhesive technology took center stage.

From vehicle and aircraft construction right through to energy technology and the electrical and electronics industry, adhesive technology is being used in more and more industries and applications all over the world to bond components securely and efficiently.

This promising trend provided the background for the Robert Bosch GmbH Bonding Technology Working Group’s visit to RAMPF Polymer Solutions in Grafenberg.

The working group brings together over 200 Bosch staff members who work in fields related to adhesive technology. “Our aim is to help our experts around the world to network and share their expertise and know-how, inspiring new approaches, innovations, and even better solutions. Meeting material and system technology manufacturers such as RAMPF is also an important part of this,” explained Dr. Patrick Stihler, who heads the working group, at the start of the event.

RAMPF – material, machine, and process technology from a single source

Topics of particular interest to the working group include material development, dispensing solutions, assembly and curing technologies, as well as quality assurance. The RAMPF Group is an international market leader in all of these areas, with RAMPF Polymer Solutions, the hosts of the event, specializing in reactive plastic systems and adhesives, and RAMPF Production Systems delivering expertise in dispensing and automation.

The RAMPF Polymer Solutions portfolio includes adhesive systems based on polyurethane (RAKU-PUR), epoxy (RAKU-POX), and silicone (RAKU-SIL), as well as thermoplastic and reactive hot-melt adhesives (RAKU-MELT). These are primarily used in automotives and vehicles, furniture, packaging, consumer electronics, grinding and polishing media, and household appliances.

Renowned for its high-precision application of reactive plastic systems, RAMPF Production Systems is active on the market as a provider of over 2,800 system solutions worldwide – from simple manual systems right through to fully automated production plants. The company’s core competence in mixing and dispensing technology is complemented by a broad range of automation and conveying systems for internal logistics, additional assembly and joining technologies, and logistics and quality assurance solutions. Testing and measuring technology is also integrated into production facilities for customer-specific solutions.

1,000 square meters dedicated to innovation

As part of the event, RAMPF experts gave presentations on topics such as optical bonding, reactive hot-melt adhesives, two-component dispensing technology for bonding, sealing, and casting, as well as the different merits of polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone. The guests also visited the RAMPF Innovation Center to take in its 1,000 square meter laboratory and cutting-edge application technology, as well as RAMPF Polymer Solution’s production facilities with a capacity of over 23,000 metric tons.

“We have been working successfully with the experts from Bosch for many years now. The working group’s visit will strengthen this collaboration and lead to new joint projects,” sums up Dr. Klaus Schamel, Managing Director of RAMPF Polymer Solutions.