RAMPF makes design dreams come true

Wixom, Michigan, 07/25/17.

The Aria Group, a premier leader in providing a full range of design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions, has used RAMPF’s RAKU-TOOL® Close Contour Paste CP-6070 / 6072 to produce its stunning concept car “Fast Eddy”.

When a leading design company like the Aria Group is determined about producing its dream car, then one can expect something very special to materialize. And “Fast Eddy” certainly does not disappoint.

Some time ago, the design experts based in Irvine, California, asked themselves what kind of car the legendary General Motors designer Ed Taylor, known by many as “Fast Eddy”, would drive today. Their answer: the beautifully designed concept car “Fast Eddy”.

The car was produced using Close Contour Paste RAKU-TOOL® CP-6070 / 6072 from RAMPF. The epoxy paste was applied to a supporting structure made from RAMPF’s polyurethane board RAKU-TOOL® SB-0096*.

Close Contour Paste – the process

RAKU-TOOL® paste is applied to a close contour shape supporting structure, cured, and then machined according to CAD data. Due to the close contour shape of the model, less material is used, milling is quick and easy, and less waste is generated. For all pastes there is a matching repair system available, and all paints in line with industry standards are applicable.

For processing, all current meter mix machines can be used in Europe; for the US market, Tartler machines are strongly recommended.

RAMPF Group, Inc. also offers customers a Close Contour Paste application service as well as comprehensive technical support by experienced technicians.

RAKU-TOOL® Close Contour Paste 6070 / 6072 – the advantages:

  • Excellent surface quality, seamless
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Easy to machine, low dust
  • Low exotherm, can be applied over a large area in one step
  • Cure 14 h at 25 C?
  • Withstands abusive environment (transport etc.)

RAKU-TOOL® SB-0096 polyurethane board for styling & design – the advantages:

  • Very good surface structure
  • Easily machined
  • Good heat resistance
  • Resistant to organic solvents

At present, “Fast Eddy” is a concept car with no engine and no interior. But Aria’s co-founders Clive Hawkins and Charles Taylor, the son of the late Ed Taylor, will build the car if the concept generates sufficient interest. “We have the full capabilities to do the engineering and to build it in limited production”, Clive Hawkins points out.

“We are very proud to have contributed to this amazing car, and we hope that we will be able to see it on the road soon”, says Mark Davidson, Division Manager for Tooling Material at RAMPF Group, Inc.

*SB-0096 is only available in the NAFTA region; in Europe, RAKU-TOOL® SB-0080 can be used instead.