RAMPF – Innovative sealing, foaming, casting, and design solutions

Wixom, Michigan, USA, 02/19/17.

RAMPF Group, Inc. is presenting its portfolio of foam systems for the automotive, household appliance, electrical/electronic, packaging, energy technology, recreation equipment, and medical industries at Foam Expo 2017 in Novi, Michigan, February 28 to March 2 – Booth 623.

With more than 400 recipes on the market, a broad spectrum of material properties and a dedicated team of experts, RAMPF Group, Inc. is offering its customers unique solutions for sealing, foaming, casting, and designing.

The products of the RAKU-PUR (polyurethane) and RAKU-SIL (silicone) brands offer outstanding mechanical and chemical properties, stand for highest quality, and guarantee exceptionally easy handling.

The highlights at Foam Expo 2017:

  • RAKU-PUR® Speed soft integral foam – tack-free in minutes

RAKU-PUR® 32-3264 and RAKU-PUR® 32-3278 polyurethane foam gaskets are impressive in terms of their low emissions and VOC values, high mechanical strength, low water absorption, excellent bonding on metal, and high temperature resistance. The gaskets are used for sound abatement to reduce NVH, BSR, and ensure the reliable, efficient, and low-emission sealing of complex, three-dimensional compo-nent contours in closed environments.

RAKU-PUR® 32-3264 and RAKU-PUR® 32-3278 have been tested to VDA 270, 275, and 278 and meet all physical-mechanical and emissions requirements, including DBL (5452.13), BMW (TL 8350 151.6), FCA (MS AY 560), GM (3628M), and VW (TL 848). Their high viscosity ensures these foams can be applied on vertical surfaces and form seals of consistent size. The outstanding tear resistance of the RAKU-PUR gaskets is more than able to resist the shear forces that can occur during installation.

For a number of industrial applications requiring complex production lines, e.g. in the automotive industry, the component must be handled immediately after the gasket has been applied. Here, RAKU-PUR Speed technology provides an unbeatable advantage: a small curing queue and one operator are sufficient to apply the polyurethane foam gasket and ensure the components are ready for use. Multiple operators, cost-intensive curing ovens and storage systems are things of the past.

Other features of RAKU-PUR® Speed include low water absorption and high mechanical strength for adhesion to various materials in assembly operations (from polypropylene to painted steel). The material offers long-term temperature resistance in a range from -30°C to +100°C and can be exposed to temperatures ranging from -40°C to +140°C for short periods.

  • RAKU-PUR® 32-3264 and RAKU-PUR® 32-3278 low-emission foam gaskets
  • RAKU-PUR® and RAKU-SIL for safe and silent household appliances

The flawless operation of household appliances is a crucial element of comfort and safety in the home. Automated sealing systems from RAMPF Group, Inc. play an important role in the long-term functionality of these appliances by providing reliable and efficient protection from excessive noise, moisture, chemicals, and various environmental influences.

The RAKU-PUR® and RAKU-SIL portfolios of automated gasketing include systems with flame-retardant properties to UL 94 (HF-1, HF-2, HBF) and enhanced UV stability. These technologies also offer IP (Ingress Protection) ratings to safeguard equipment from incidental splashing to high-pressure spray and submersion in water and chemicals as well as other fluids.

The sound suppression and vibration-damping properties of RAMPF’s sealing systems contribute signifi-cantly to the stable and silent operation of household appliances. They cover a temperature range from -60 to +250°C and are used, amongst others, in components for refrigerators, freezers, dryers, dish-washers, washing machines as well as sealing sinks and hot water heaters.

  • RAKU-PUR® 34 rigid foams

Rigid foams are construction materials with a low density and closed-cell structure. They are processed using high or low pressure with suitable molds. RAKU-PUR 34 rigid foams are particularly suited for lightweight moldings which have to comply with certain static requirements. Fields of application include appliance and machine parts as well as components for vehicles and sports equipment.

Special advantages include:

  • short reaction and demolding times to increase productivity
  • high mechanical strength for reliable performance
  • excellent vibration damping, noise reduction, and thermal insulation
  • reduced material cost to improve profitability
  • lower part weight for improved performance and cheaper packaging options

RAMPF – material and machinery from a single source
RAMPF Group, Inc. offers a unique proposition on the market, as it develops and produces both the sealing systems as well as the static / dynamic mixing and dispensing systems for their reliable processing. The company also offers contract manufacturing for liquid gaskets, sealing, and casting.