RAMPF: Bonding, sealing, and casting solutions for battery applications

Wixom, Michigan, USA, 09/03/17.

RAMPF Group, Inc., the North American subsidiary of the international RAMPF Group, is presenting innovative bonding, sealing, and casting solutions for battery applications at the Battery Show North America 2017 in Novi, MI, September 12 - 14.

Epoxy, silicone, and polyurethane polymers

RAMPF Group, Inc. utilizes expertise in epoxy, silicone, and polyurethane polymers for innovative sealing, casting, bonding, and thermal management solutions for battery housings, sensors, plugs, relays, and on-board chargers.

The reactive polymer systems offer a wide range of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties, meet the highest quality requirements, and ensure greater safety, control, cost-efficiency, and convenience.

Dispensing and automation systems

RAMPF Group, Inc. has comprehensive experience in high-performance production systems for the precision handling and application of polymers. The company’s experts engineer and manufacture automated, turnkey work cells that improve productivity, quality, cost, and consistency of polymer dispensing, handling, and curing of assemblies.

Material, machine, and process technology from a single source – the holistic service from RAMPF

“Material quality and processing are key to the optimal functioning and durability of electrical and electronic systems,” says Lance Ewert, Division Manager Reactive Polymer Technologies at RAMPF Group, Inc. “Our reactive polymer systems and process technology provide the automotive, energy, automation, and household goods industries worldwide with electrical and electronic components that deliver best performance. For this, we offer customers complete support – from product development to market launch.”