Adhesive systems from RAMPF on

Grafenberg, 11/27/17.

RAKU® Products from RAMPF Polymer Solutions can now be found on – the free, independent search engine for adhesive systems. These are used, amongst others, in the automotive, wood / furniture, and household goods industries, as well as in optical bonding technology.

As the key bonding technology of the 21st century, adhesives are increasingly replacing traditional methods such as screwing, welding, riveting, and soldering. This development is being accelerated by the growing use of composites. Unlike screwing or riveting, adhesives do not damage the components to be bonded and thus enable uniform transmission of forces.

One question that remains, however, is which adhesive systems are best for bonding the various materials. The Substratec adhesives navigator provides a quick and independent answer, indicating the ideal combination of material and adhesive. Once the substrates to be bonded have been entered, the online tool performs an evaluation and identifies the best joining technology. It also immediately indicates the corresponding adhesive system suppliers.

Broad range of characteristics, outstanding adhesion, and easy processing

“We’re delighted that our high-performance adhesives are now also available online. Substratec is a great tool for obtaining an initial overview in the search for an adhesive and also provides guidance on adhesion to different substrates,” says Dr. Wolfgang Hodek, Senior Key Technology Manager Adhesives at RAMPF Polymer Solutions. “Direct contact with the manufacturer via the website then paves the way for the necessary professional advice from an adhesives expert.”

The portfolio of adhesive systems from RAMPF Polymer Solutions includes

  • RAKU® PUR 1/2-component polyurethane systems
  • RAKU® POX epoxy systems
  • RAKU® SIL 1/2-component silicone systems
  • RAKU® MELT hotmelt adhesive systems (thermoplastic or reactive)

RAMPF adhesives can be formulated and manufactured with a broad range of characteristics and thus adapted to meet a variety of needs and requirements. They are easy to process and boast outstanding adhesion on a whole host of materials.

“We’re well known on the market for working quickly, efficiently, and in close collaboration with our customers to develop tailored systems that perfectly match the relevant requirements,” emphasizes Hodek.

RAKU® products are mainly used in the automotive, wood / furniture, and household goods industries as well as in optical bonding technology for display bonding applications.

The perfect fit – material quality and material processing

The quality and processing of adhesives are key to the correct functioning and durability of the adhesive bond. Adhesive systems from RAMPF Polymer Solutions and the application expertise of RAMPF Production Systems – one of the world’s leading specialists for innovative production solutions with integrated dispensing systems – ensure the rapid development of customized complete solutions.

From dot or bead application to spraying, all the various processes can be mapped with the company’s own robot systems. RAMPF adhesive systems can also be applied using a roller or slotted nozzle.

“Our comprehensive material and application technology and automation expertise enable us to offer customers the perfect complete solution for their production requirements,” underlines Wolfgang Hodek.