RAMPF: Materials and machinery for assembly applications

Wixom, Michigan (USA), 10/17/16.

RAMPF Group, Inc. is presenting its portfolio of reactive resins and dispensing equipment for sealing, protecting, and insulating assembly components at the Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL, from October 25 - 27 – Booth 1801.

The RAMPF booth is the one-stop-shop for materials and machinery for sealing, protecting, and insulating assembly applications from noise, moisture, dust, vibration, and heat. The company based in Wixom, MI, specializes in 1- and 2-component polyurethane, silicone, and epoxy resins, as well as dispensing equipment for the precise placement of these materials.

The highlights at the Assembly Show 2016: RAKU-PUR® 32-3250 polyurethane foam gaskets, RAKU-SIL 37-1104 silicone foam gaskets, and the desktop dispensing cell DC-CNC250.

RAKU-PUR® 32-3250 foam gasket portfolio

RAKU-PUR® 32-3250 foam gaskets insure the safe sealing and protection of critical components against noise, vibration, water, humidity, and dust. The fast curing 2-component FIPFG foam gaskets exhibit IP sealing properties, provide permanent good adhesion, and are UL 94, 50 and 50E rated.

Further benefits:

  • high mechanical strength
  • very good sealing tightness
  • excellent compression recovery
  • very low water absorption
  • low density

RAKU-SIL 37-1104 silicone foam

RAKU-SIL 37-1104 is a liquid, 2-component silicone foam which cures at room temperature and contains no solvents or plasticizers. The silicone system is suitable for ATEX applications, UL 50 E and UL 94 HB rated, and provides a wide range of benefits:

  • closed cell structure
  • superior chemical resistance
  • hybrid liquid-thixotropic behavior
  • good mechanical resistance
  • temperature range -50 °C to +220 °C
  • adherence optimized using plasma treat (plastics) or primer (metals)
  • good UV resistance
  • low water absorption
  • good tightness to aqueous media
  • good low temperature flexibility

RAKU-SIL 37-1104 is used, amongst others, in control cabinets, automotive components, appliances, electronic enclosures, and lighting.

DC-CNC250 – high-precision dispensing of paste-like and abrasive media

Small and smart – the DC-CNC250 desktop dispensing cell from RAMPF is a cost-effective solution for the high-precision dispensing of paste-like and abrasive materials.

The user-friendly desktop device has an integrated dispensing system and can be programmed for dispensing individual spots or lengths. The individual components are dispensed using a piston system designed with an extremely long service life. This results in the highest levels of accuracy and long maintenance intervals. It can process any standard paste, adhesive, or casting material that supports static mixing.

Advantages of the RAMPF DC-CNC250 at a glance:

Compact design, but still flexible

  • Desktop device with integrated controls and material supply
  • Material supply from cartridges or canisters separate from dispensing cell
  • Good accessibility for maintenance work

High-precision dispensing of small volumes

  • Processing of 1- and 2-component materials
  • Viscosities of approximately 100,000 - 700,000 mPa*s can be processed
  • Static mixing system
  • Fully adjustable mixing ratio from 100:100 - 100:1
  • Dispensing volumes ? 5 mg / dispensing spot
  • Can process highly abrasive materials

Intelligent controls

  • High-resolution 15" touch display with embedded PC
  • RAMPF process visualization
  • User-friendly protection of insertion area with lifting door

There is a wide range of additional fit-out options for the DC-CNC250, including material supply from 310 ml cartridges, 20- to 30-liter barrel presses, and 4-liter pressurized containers and a workbench.

RAMPF Group, Inc. also offers contract manufacturing services to dispense resins on customer parts in electrical enclosures and electronic components applications.