RAMPF Group continues growth

Grafenberg, 10/10/16.

Consolidated sales rise by 7.7 percent from 142 to 153 million euros / Workforce increases by 15 percent

The international RAMPF Group continues to grow: In financial year 2015/16 consolidated sales of 153 million euros were achieved, a rise of 7.7 percent on the previous year.

“We are very happy with the results of the 2015/16 financial year,” says Michael Rampf, CEO of RAMPF Holding. “Having increased the group’s consolidated sales by 17 percent in the previous financial year 2014/15, we were able to maintain that very high standard and achieve further growth, despite difficult macro-economic conditions.”

The most significant sales growth was achieved by RAMPF Production Systems, a developer and manufacturer of mixing and dispensing systems and automation solutions (+ 16 percent), RAMPF Polymer Solutions, a specialist in reactive plastics systems based on polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone (+ 11 percent), and RAMPF Tooling Solutions, a global leader in the manufacture of board and liquid materials for modeling and mold engineering (+ 6 percent).

New core competence

With the acquisition of Canadian company APEX Composites on April 1, 2016, RAMPF added light-weight construction with fiber composites to its business model. The new core competence RAMPF Composite Solutions is a leader in the design, construction, and manufacture of composite components for companies in the aviation and medical sectors.

“The decision to integrate APEX Composites into the RAMPF Group as a new core competence came after a systematic and structured decision-making process that began with the foundation of the Innovation & Technology Management department two and a half years ago,” says Michael Rampf. Within the framework of the RAMPF Business Development Process, the department is looking into the question of which business areas, products, and services can help the RAMPF Group achieve additional profit in the next ten to 20 years

Expansion in the United States

“Founding RAMPF Composite Solutions is a direct result of this process, as is the acquisition of the American company Innovative Polymers,” explains Michael Rampf. The supplier of polyurethane systems for tool and model engineering was acquired at the start of the 2016/17 business year and has now been successfully integrated into RAMPF’s American subsidiary, RAMPF Group, Inc.

With the resulting expansion of its product portfolio, RAMPF is aiming to develop additional business fields in the automotive, architectural, electrical/electronics, medical, and sport and leisure sectors, and also to break into new industries such as oil, gas, and railroads in the NAFTA markets (United States, Canada, Mexico).

In addition, the purchase of another building at the headquarters of RAMPF Group, Inc., in Wixom, Michigan, has created more capacity for production and administration.

New administration and production building in Grafenberg

The RAMPF corporate headquarters in Grafenberg are also undergoing expansion. The company is to move into a new administration building comprising some 500m2 of office and 150m2 of canteen space this year. Furthermore, RAMPF Tooling Solutions will be manufacturing its polyurethane and epoxy working boards in an extensive new 4,000 m2 production facility from this coming summer. “The new buildings reflect RAMPF’s success story, represent a commitment to Grafenberg as a location, and confirm our identity as a midsize family company that is firmly rooted in this region,” says Michael Rampf.

RAMPF is growing with its workforce

In the past financial year, the number of employees working for RAMPF worldwide increased by 15 percent to 716, and the first three months of the current financial year have seen this figure rise by a further 3.5 percent to 741. “RAMPF is growing with its workforce,” says Michael Rampf. “We invest in them, we want them to feel at home and stay with us long-term.

”The group-wide health management program introduced at the beginning of this calendar year is part of achieving this goal, as it encourages the workforce to remain healthy, motivated, and at the top of their game. The comprehensive package includes health-related events and presentations as well as individual training at selected fitness centers. “Through the health management program, well-equipped work-places, a wide range of advanced training opportunities, and open appreciation, we are able to project an attractive image in the competitive market for recruiting new talent,” says Michael Rampf.

The open appreciation of the workforce’s achievements is reinforced by the RAMPF Innovation Award, which was presented for the second time following its introduction in 2014. Michael Rampf: “The award recognizes the top innovative achievements of our staff and makes the innovative strength of our companies visible and tangible. Worth 33,000 euros, this prize is fundamental to the future of the company, because the innovative strength of our workforce is the starting point for the development of new products and solutions.”

Outlook: further growth

In financial year 2016/17, Michael Rampf expects the international RAMPF Group will continue the growth trajectory it has been on since the global financial and economic crisis of 2009/10. “We have laid the foundation for further growth through extensive investment in staffing and infrastructure and a corporate strategy that takes the long view. We expect to see double-digit growth for the current financial year.”