470 years with RAMPF

Grafenberg, 03/23/16.

In the current fiscal year 2015/16, 28 long-serving employees at RAMPF’s Grafenberg site are celebrating a total of 470 years of working for the family-run SME. Out in front is Eva-Marion Rampf, the wife of company founder Rudolf Rampf, who has been there from the very start.

“We are thrilled to have so many long-serving members of staff,” says Michael Rampf, CEO of RAMPF Holding. “The large number of employees marking milestones and the low staff turnover we have seen for years are confirmation of our aim of being a reliable and trustworthy partner for our staff. We invest in them and want them to stay with us long-term."

Eva-Marion Rampf has been with the company from the start

Day in, day out, RAMPF benefits from their experience. “Since its foundation 35 years ago, RAMPF has successfully invested in innovative solutions in the fields of engineering and chemical solutions. For more than three decades now, our staff has continuously accumulated and expanded its know-how, gaining a distinct advantage over our competitors,” emphasizes Michael Rampf.

Eva-Marion Rampf ist von Beginn an dabei. Als ihr Ehemann Rudolf Rampf das Unternehmen Anfang der 1980er Jahre gründet, baut sie in Riederich eine Geschenkboutique auf, „mit deren Erlöse ich maßgeblich unsere Familie unterstützt und meinem Mann den Rücken frei gehalten habe, damit er seine Ideen umsetzen konnte.“ Nachts hilft sie ihm, in der alten Grafenberger Turnhalle die ersten Gießharze aus Polyurethan zu entwickeln, auch die Raumpflege übernimmt sie selbst.

Eva-Marion Rampf has been with the company from the start. When her husband Rudolf Rampf founded the company in the early 1980s, she set up a gift shop in Riederich. “I used the profits to support our family and take the burden off my husband while he turned his ideas into reality.” At night, she helped him develop the first polyurethane casting resins in the old Grafenberg gymnasium. She even did the cleaning herself.

Once the company got going, the shop was sold so that Eva-Marion Rampf could work exclusively in her husband’s company. “I have worked more or less everywhere – in the office, in accounting, in production, and even in the lab. I delivered products to customers in the 7.5 tonner with the kids in the passenger seat.”

She may be of retirement age, “but I still can’t imagine giving up my desk. I am still wholeheartedly involved – after all, it is our life’s work.” As a result, she is still responsible for event and travel management as well as catering at the Grafenberg site.

This fiscal year marks one 35th, one 30th and one 25th anniversary of joining the company. A total of 13 employees have been with RAMPF for 20 years, and another 12 are celebrating their 10th anniversary. “Our employees are our most important asset,” says company founder Rudolf Rampf. “We congratulate our long-serving employees and hope they will stay with us for a long time to come.”