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09/22/20 | Machine beds & components

Climate-controlled Precision Grinding

RAMPF Machine Systems has taken grinding into its own hands with its very own Precision Grinding Center, offering a complete service for high-precision machine components made of mineral casting, ultra-high performance concrete, gray cast iron, steel, hard stone, CFRP, and ceramic

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05/18/20 | Machine beds & components

Domestic Sourcing – Supply Security in Times of Crisis

The best technology is only of use if it is available just in time, i.e. at the desired time, in the required quality, and in sufficient quantity. RAMPF Machine Systems ensures this with five production plants on three continents,…

02/03/20 | Machine beds & components

Mineral Casting – More Than Just The Right Ingredients!

Specially selected stones and minerals, together with high-quality binding agents based on epoxy resin, pave the way for machine beds and machine bed components with impressive technical and ecological properties, a wide variety of…

12/02/19 | Machine beds & components

It’s all in the name

Ultra-high performance concrete made by RAMPF lives up to its description. EPUDUR is the go-to material for large, heavy machine beds and machine bed components in highly dynamic mechanical engineering applications.

08/13/19 | Machine beds & components

Mineral Casting – A Brief History

Whether as a solid basis for machine bed components or as a vibration-damping machine base – mineral casting is an indispensable part of mechanical engineering.

10/04/18 | Machine beds & components

The factory of the future

EPUMENT mineral casting provides the vibration-damping basis for IoT.

07/24/17 | Machine beds & components

Industry 4.0 – when machine beds “have their say”

Ever faster, ever more dynamic, ever more precise – cutting-edge production technology has to meet requirements that are increasing rapidly.