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02/08/21 | Liquid Systems

A Piece of Tropical Paradise

You can bring the feeling of serenity and tranquility of the Hawaiian Islands to your home – thanks to the renowned artist Doug Bolly, the modelling experts from White Sword Theming, and a high-performance polyurethane resin from RAMPF USA.

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12/02/20 | Close Contour Products, Liquid Systems, Board Materials

Every Crisis Creates Opportunities

Denny Foehn, Director of Sales & Marketing at RAMPF Tooling Solutions, talks about the effects of the corona pandemic on the world's largest board material producer

11/29/19 | Liquid Systems

Mixing. Brushing. Coupling. Casting. Tamping. Or laminating.

This blog post shows you what the lay-up method is and the benefits it offers.

09/12/19 | Liquid Systems

It’s All About Casting

Casting methods with RAKU® TOOL casting resins.

06/19/19 | Liquid Systems

New Casting System for the Sanitary Ware Industry

For casting on wet plaster. Easy to repair and grindable. User-friendly. Premium quality.