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Although Svenja Grübl and Luca Barth have had very different career paths, they do have one thing in common – they both like to learn new things. When it comes to their professional lives, this means not being satisfied with what they learned in their initial training, but instead constantly working on enhancing and adapting their expertise. RAMPF encourages this passion for lifelong learning.

From industrial clerk to industrial specialist

A little under six years ago, in September 2016, Svenja Grübl joined RAMPF Machine Systems in Wangen, Germany, as an industrial business management trainee. She successfully completed her training in 2019. That very same year, she decided to deepen the skills and expertise she had acquired by starting to train as an industrial administrator.

Even after my traineeship, I wanted to continue my professional development and learn new things.

You want it, you got it – she has been a Chamber of Commerce-certified industrial administrator since January 2022. She puts her newly acquired expertise to profitable use as a Customer Service Assistant in the Sales and Marketing team.

From painter and decorator to warehouse logistics specialist

Luca Barth entered the world of work by undertaking an apprenticeship as a painter and decorator from 2015 to 2017, which he completed with a small company near his hometown. However, he quickly realized that this was not a job he wanted to do his entire life.

On completing his apprenticeship, Luca therefore took the initiative and went on a “discovery year”, taking on short-term work and work placements that gave him insights into a wide range of fields and companies. 

“Somehow, I got into warehouse logistics this way, and I really liked it,” he says, looking back. As a result, Luca began another apprenticeship in 2019, this time as a warehouse logistics specialist with RAMPF Machine Systems in Wangen.

I am very glad I started the second apprenticeship. I have learned an incredible amount at RAMPF, both professionally and, more than anything, personally. During my first apprenticeship, I learned what is involved in a skilled trade. At RAMPF, I am learning more about structured working in connection with various PC programs.

Learning for life

If you decide to undertake some form of professional development or training, you need a certain amount of self-discipline and motivation. However, this generally pays off quite quickly. No matter what kind of training it is, one thing is clear – it's always worth it:

  • You always get something out of any training – be it in terms of skills, career advancement, or on a personal level.
  • Training courses not only increase your chances of promotion within the company, they also offer you the opportunity to put the qualifications you have gained into practice immediately.
  • Employer and employee benefit from the enhanced skill set in equal measure, because workflows can be simplified and optimized. This boosts the motivation and commitment of staff.

In short, it is a win-win situation that brings greater satisfaction for both sides. Companies with well-trained skilled staff are also in a better position to weather storms and can respond more quickly to exceptional circumstances. 

RAMPF invests in its employees

For RAMPF, investing in its staff and encouraging an interest in professional development is a natural part of doing business. Since 2017, the in-house RAMPF Academy has been offering a wide range of training courses on diverse professional and personal topics.

Close consultation with the specialist departments in the company ensures the courses available are constantly adapted to the needs of the workforce. If specific subjects are missing, RAMPF responds to requests from employees and constantly adjusts the training it offers. However, external training courses, personalized coaching, and professional development programs such as part-time university courses and specialist training as a business manager or administrator are also supported.

Training programs can be attended during working hours. One-off training courses generally last between half a day and two days. Some development programs for management or junior staff that consist of several modules can last months or even years.

Whether the training is conducted in-house or externally, RAMPF always carries the cost.

Having successfully completed her own training, Svenja Grübl can confirm that the courses are always very well received and uptake is high.

RAMPF encouraged me to train as an industrial administrator and covered all the costs of the training.

Luca Barth is also grateful for the support he received from RAMPF during his apprenticeship.

RAMPF was always supportive – through in-house training and when it came to exam preparation.

Experts don’t just fall from the sky

Trainees and apprentices at RAMPF start undertaking further development regularly at an early stage. Their first contact with the broad range of training available comes during their induction stage, which covers topics such as Outlook and business etiquette. After their traineeship or apprenticeship is over, anyone who is interested can go on to embark on an integrated degree program. Places on the business administration (industrial management), mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering courses at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) are often awarded to in-house trainees who want to go on to study on completing their traineeship. 

The range of personal and professional development opportunities on offer at RAMPF is so diverse that everyone has the chance of taking part and benefiting from them – no matter what their position, age, or previous experience is. After all, it’s never too late to learn something new!


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