Rudolf Rampf Foundation Awards Record Grants

Grafenberg, Germany, 07/13/22.

The Rudolf Rampf Foundation is awarding $9,500 to clubs and projects for the advancement children and youths in Grafenberg.

The Rudolf Rampf Foundation was founded in 2001 to support young people in Grafenberg on a non-profit basis. In particular, the education of children and youths in music clubs, sports clubs, and general youth work in the municipality of Grafenberg are promoted.

Funds generated from the foundation capital is channeled into the youth work of local clubs, the community, as well as into projects that benefit young people. A total of $117,115 has been granted since the foundation was set up.

In 2022, a record amount of funding will be awarded. $9,500 are distributed as follows:

  • TSV Grafenberg Soccer $2.000
  • TSV Grafenberg Karate $1.000
  • TSV Grafenberg Track & Field $350
  • Tennis Club Grafenberg $2.000
  • Music Association Grafenberg $600
  • Harmonica Orchestra Grafenberg $900
  • Grafenberg Grant for Musical Instruments $900
  • Grafenberg Grant for School Circus Project $1.000
  • Grafenberg Grant for School Garden Project $750

Rudolf Rampf:

Children and youths in particular have had to forgo many activities in the past two years due to corona-related restrictions. That's why I'm all the more happy that the clubs are in full operation again. In addition, numerous projects for children and young people have been initiated, including the primary school's circus project and the so-called instrument carousel. I would like to thank all clubs and organizations as well as volunteers who are committed to helping children and youths in Grafenberg.