E84 class a flame retardant materials for extremely chilling and haunting scenery

Wixom, MI, 03/07/22.

RAMPF at TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show from March 17 to 20 in St. Louis, MO – Booth 1622

Are you operating or planning to operate a haunted amusement park? Or maybe a spooky attraction, corn maze, farm, pumpkin patch, paintball field, zoo, or aquarium? Are you ready to manufacture amazing backdrops, textured sceneries, creatures, sculptures, and designs? Then you should choose the best – RAKU® TOOL flame retardant products!

  • RAKU® TOOL modeling pastes EP-2344 / EH-2944 and EP-2346 / EH-2946 are lightweight, easy to process, and adhere securely to most substrates like fiberglass, aluminum, wood, etc. After cure, they are durable, hard as rock, and can be sanded, painted, and machined.
  • RAKU® TOOL casting system EC-2406 / EH-2945 is a true multi-tasker as it is lightweight, castable, trowelable, sculptable, carveable, sandable, and paintable. It is also fantastic as a hard coat and does not disfigure or melt any carved foam (EPS and RAMPF styling board included).

Find out more about Rampf's E84 flame retardant products for monstrous creations at this year's
Transworld's Halloween and Attraction Trade Show 
– Booth 1622!

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