RAMPF Produces 50,000th Machine Bed Made of Mineral Casting

Wangen (Göppingen), Germany, 06/30/21.

RAMPF Machine Systems has produced its 50,000th machine bed made of EPUMENT® mineral casting. This landmark machine bed is providing the low-vibration foundation for a five-axis simultaneous milling machine.

Marc Dizdarevic, CEO of RAMPF Machine Systems:

This milestone in our company history shows the growing popularity of mineral casting as a competitive machine bed material in numerous industries worldwide. It also confirms the outstanding performance of our staff, who demonstrate their impressive commitment to our customers on a daily basis.

For decades, RAMPF Machine Systems has been a world market leader for machine bed solutions and machine systems based on alternative materials such as EPUMENT® mineral casting and EPUDUR ultra-high performance concrete. The company provides the market with complete solutions. Its comprehensive portfolio includes

  • Material-specific design and engineering
  • Production
  • Precision grinding
  • Assembly
  • Construction of customized multi-axis moving systems and basic machinery

In addition to their exceptional vibration damping and thermal stability, EPUMENT® and EPUDUR also exhibit a resource-efficient manufacture as well as environmentally friendly disposal and recycling. Furthermore, materials developed by RAMPF Machine Systems are driving the development toward Industry 4.0.

Kacper Lasetzki, Sales Manager at RAMPF Machine Systems:

Using cold-casting means sensors and actuators can be integrated directly into the casting for applications such as temperature measurements to detect unwanted heat build-up so that integral temperature control cables can then neutralize it. This creates ‘intelligent machine structures’ that make a key contribution to Industry 4.0.

Low-vibration base for five-axis simultaneous milling machine

The 50,000th mineral casting machine bed produced by RAMPF Machine Systems in plant I is being used in a five-axis simultaneous milling machine. With its excellent vibration damping, low thermal conductivity, and high thermal capacity, EPUMENT® mineral casting ensures stable production processes and thus the necessary precision for such high-performance machines.