RAMPF Presents Brand New Sculpting Epoxy At IAAPA 2021

Wixom, MI, USA, 11/15/21.

RAMPF Group, Inc. is presenting its brand new sculpting epoxy RAKU® EP-2346/EH-2946 at IAAPA 2021 in Orlando, FL, from November 16 to 19. The hand-modeling paste ensures unprecedented levels of detail and is very easy to sculpt and process. 

RAKU® EP-2346/EH-2946 exhibits excellent adhesion to wood, metal, and fiberglass. The lightweight sculpting epoxy guarantees smooth textures and is classified according to ASTM E84 Class A standard for flame spread and smoke generation.

A particularly impressive example of the sculpting epoxy’s outstanding qualities will be presented at the RAMPF booth – a cuckoo clock featuring an extremely high level of detail and perfect finish. The stylish time keeper was made by the design & tooling specialist Weber Group based in Sellersburg, IN. The clock structure was built with stainless steel aluminum, with RAKU® EP-2346/EH-2946 EP-2346/EH-2946 being used to create the texture on the outside.

RAMPF’s high-performance portfolio of advanced customized liquid polyurethanes and epoxy systemsfor theme park and specialty tooling solutions is tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers throughout the entire production chain – from prototyping, model, mold, and tool construction to production. The mercury-free and RoHS-compliant systems feature outstanding consistency and quality as well as a wide range of handling, curing, and performance properties.

Visit RAMPF Group, Inc. at IAAPA 2021 in Orlando, FL,
from November 16 to 19 – Booth 672!

Modeling boards & Close Contour materials

RAMPF Group, Inc. will also feature its board materials and Close Contour product range for cost-effective and high-quality model, mold, and tool construction:

Tooling boards made from polyurethane and epoxy exhibit outstanding mechanical properties, finest surface structures, and good dimensional stability. The boards are easy and quick to machine and compatible with all industry-standard paints, release agents, and epoxy prepregs. RAMPF boards are used, amongst others, for the manufacture of styling, master, cubing, and presentation models, negative molds for casting, design and form studies, and lay-up tools. RAKU® TOOL adhesives matched in hardness and color are available.

Close Contour materials include Close Contour Pastes (two-component epoxy systems which are applied to a close contour substructure by hand or CNC machine), Close Contour Castings (semi-finished polyurethane products supplied as three-dimensional castings that are already close to the final contour), and Close Contour Blocks (polyurethane or epoxy systems which are produced to customer specifications and delivered as unmachined rectangular blocks). Close Contour materials significantly reduces the amount of required material, production waste, and time spent on milling and finishing.