RAMPF – Holistic Solutions for Sealing, Casting, Bonding, and Automation

Grafenberg, Germany, 11/08/21.

The international RAMPF Group is presenting high-performance sealing systems, electro casting resins, casting resins, and elastomers as well as innovative dispensing technology with holistic automation solutions at MECSPE 2021, Italy’s largest plastics trade show, from November 23 to 25 in Bologna – Hall 36 / Booth C47.

RAMPF Polymer Solutions – high-performance reactive resin systems

RAMPF Polymer Solutions, a market-leading developer and manufacturer of reactive resin systems based on polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone, is presenting the following products at MECSPE 2021:

  • Sealing systems based on polyurethane (RAKU® PUR) and silicone (RAKU® SIL) for automotive applications (door modules, loudspeaker boxes, fuse boxes, battery covers, brake and rear lights), control cabinets, and electrical housings in indoor, outdoor, and offshore environments. The two-component materials are certified according to UL, NEMA, ATEX as well as a number of IP classes. They exhibit high abrasion and chemical resistance and stand for fast curing and processability.
  • Electro casting resins made of polyurethane, epoxy (RAKU® POX), and silicone with very high thermal conductivity for electrical and electronic components in the automotive, electrical/electronic, energy, automation, and white goods industries. The systems keep thermal stress low by efficiently conducting heat away from the component. They also remain stable to reduce stresses occurring in the component, even with extreme changes in temperature.
  • Heavy-duty elastomers, tailor-made casting resins, and innovative reactive resin systems for the filter industry (air, oil, hydraulic, and industrial filters). For filter production, soft (Shore A 85) and hard (Shore D 80) casting compounds are offered, which have a conductivity of 0.03 MOhm/cm. These special systems can be processed by machines and exhibit good flowability and chemical resistance.

RAMPF Production Systems – innovative dispensing technology with holistic automation solutions

RAMPF Production Systems is an international supplier of mixing and dispensing systems for sealing, casting, and bonding a wide range of polymer systems. The company designs systems in accordance with the specific applications of its customers, with the precise coordination of material transport and preparation, dispensing, mixing technology, and moving axes ensuring optimum dispensing results. The dispensing systems are equipped with high-performance mixing technology that requires very little maintenance and processes a variety of materials such as polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone with extreme precision, regardless of fillers and viscosities.

In addition to its core competence of mixing and dispensing technology, the company provides product-specific automation concepts with integrated parts transport and heat treatment, assembly and joining technology, as well as logistic and quality assurance solutions. The customer-specific solutions include integrating both surface activation processes as well as testing and measuring technology to safeguard production processes.

Every system can be equipped with RAMPF’s own HMI (human machine interface). All process information is provided to higher-level systems, so that the entire system can be controlled with just one intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Material, machine, and process automation from a single source

With materials (RAMPF Polymer Solutions), machines, processing technology, and automation solutions (RAMPF Production Systems) from a single source, RAMPF offers its customers in Italy holistic solutions that are perfectly tailored to their material and manufacturing requirements.