Brand New – Conductive Casting Compounds for the Filter Industry

Grafenberg, Germany, 03/29/21.

Outstanding conductivity and flowability – RAMPF Polymer Solutions has developed high-performance polyurethane systems for casting and bonding filter elements. The cutting-edge materials meet the directives of the European Union on explosion protection (ATEX).

The directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) of the European Union regulates the market for explosion-proof electrical and mechanical devices, components, and protective systems. It is relevant for numerous industries and applications, including the filter industry. Here, the static charge inside the filter during cleaning can lead to a spark, which in the worst case could cause an explosion in the filter.

In order to prevent this, RAMPF Polymer Solutions has developed conductive casting compounds for use in potentially explosive applications. The polyurethane systems have an excellent conductivity of 0.03 MOhm/cm, whilst at the same time exhibiting a very low mixing viscosity and therefore very good flow behavior. As a result, users do not need any complex conveyor systems, and potting applications can be easily processed.

The casting compounds are available in Shore hardness A 85 and D 80. Further benefits are high chemical resistance and good machinability.

RAMPF – holistic partner for air and oil filter production

For the filter industry, RAMPF Polymer Solutions develops and manufactures customized two-component sealing systems based on polyurethane, two-component potting compounds based on polyurethane and epoxy, and reactive hotmelt systems.

Michael Wahl, Business Center Director Casting Resins & Elastomers:

Our products exhibit good adhesion to metal and plastic, high temperature resistance, and good flow properties. Together with innovative mixing and dispensing technology from our sister company RAMPF Production Systems, we offer our customers holistic solutions, supporting them from product development to use in production.