RAKU® TOOL: A moisture-resistant alternative to wood!

RAKU® TOOL MB-0670 for first-class wood carving and sculpting!

Our board material has sparked the interest of a very talented woodcarver. What he has produced with it looks fabulous!

See for yourself – in the new RAMPF Tooling Solutions Spotlight!


Production of a cartouche (ornament) – an original design from the Don Bosco Institute in Liège, Belgium.


  • Wood alternative
  • Better weather resistance than wood
  • Easy to carve, saw, and paint
  • Dimensionally stable

Production process

1. Transfer of the original design onto the board material MB-0670.

2. Cut out with jigsaw. There is no need to apply a lot of pressure as is the case with harder woods.

3. Fix the cartouche on an MDF board with two screws and then create a horizontal level around the convex part of the cartouche using a router.

4. Deep drilling and modeling with wood carving tools.

5. Finishing: tool mark finish (visible cut of the chisel). This finish just looks a little more authentic and suggests more craftsmanship. Sanding will give it a more smooth unnatural look.

Product Information

Board material RAKU® TOOL MB-0670

Further application areas

  • Master models
  • Master models for composite molds
  • Molds for composite prototype parts
  • Architectural models
  • Wind tunnel models
  • Water channel models 
  • Thermoforming tools for prototypes

Data sheet / Safety data sheet:


Added benefits

  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Easy to carve, saw, deep cavity mill, sand, paint – even parallel grooves with a V-chisel (burin) remain sharp and do not break off
  • Fine surface
  • Good chip formation
  • Not hygroscopic, moisture resistant, no rotting
  • Lightweight, yet compact and hard

Patrick Damiaens – Ornamental & Heraldic Woodcarver:

Modeling with MB-0670 is a dream: there is no wood structure present, which means that you do not suffer from 'cutting against the grain' or from 'end-grained wood'. The ability to cut in all directions makes cutting and shaping a very easy and smooth process.

Picture gallery: production of the ornament

Project partners:

Patrick Damiaens
Houtornamentist Wood carver
Aan de Lievenheer
B-3680 Maaseik

Scabro B.V.
Blokmakerstraat 9
NL-2222AD Katwijk aan Zee