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SPOTLIGHT: Maximum airtime – with RAKU® TOOL

RAKU® TOOL EI-2500 resin infusion system for high-end kiteboards.

High expectations!

HEVIGE is one of the most renowned kiteboard manufacturers on the market. Therefore, when a company of this stature names one of its products “GAMECHANGER”, you can have the highest of expectations.

In the newest edition of RAMPF Tooling Solutions Spotlight, we show you why the high-end kiteboard M1 fully meets these expectations – and literally.

Ready for take-off!

The Application

Production of the M1 Kiteboard – a.k.a. the Gamechanger.

THE RESIN INFUSION SYSTEM Had To FulfilL Following requirements:

  • „Homogeneous“ flow behavior
  • Good wettability of carbon fibers
  • Clear and not cloudy
  • Excellent physical properties when cured

The production process:

1. Milling of the wooden core with a 5-axis CNC milling machine

2. Preparation of the vacuum infusion: Different layers of carbon fabric and flow mesh etc. as well as the wooden core are placed in the negative mold. The mold is closed, placed under vacuum, and heated by integrated heating elements.

3. Infusion process: RAKU® TOOL EI-2500 epoxy resin is measured out, the temperature checked and, if necessary, heated. Hardeners and various additives are added and mixed. The resin matrix is ​​then infused into the component.

4. Tempering: The components are tempered in the oven to achieve the desired end properties such as a high glass transition temperature (Tg).

5. Finishing: milling – grinding – polishing

Your benefits with
RAKU® TOOL EI-2500 / EH2970-1
Resin Infusion System

Significant advantages in the vacuum infusion process: Relatively high viscosity in combination with a very low surface tension result in good process properties such as very homogeneous flow behavior and excellent wetting of fibers.

Heat resistant

Unfilled, low-viscosity

Product information at a glance

RAKU® TOOL EI-2500 / EH-2970-1

Density 1.1 g/cm3

Further applications

  • Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)

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Project partner

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Tel: +49 2823 419680