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RAKU® TOOL: materials for the woodworking industry!

RAKU® TOOL plastics for the woodworking industry and wood craft

New materials to replace, complement, supplement, and combine with wood. 

Advantages of our products

100% moisture resistant

Very easy to process manually and by machine, also with conventional woodworking tools

Large selection of material properties such as density (volumetric weight), hardness, mechanical properties

Various surface finishes: very good paintability, applying of precious wood or laminate veneers, imprinting, and foiling

Consistent high quality with outstanding mechanical stability

Homogeneous edges and structure – high edge stability and fine cell structure

Application examples

Panel materials

When classic wood reaches its limits, RAKU® TOOL panel materials offer woodworking an attractive alternative. The panels are “Made in Germany” at RAMPF’s Grafenberg site.

The RAKU® TOOL portfolio offers a vast selection of properties for numerous applications in the woodworking industry.


Polyurethane (PUR) is the basis of our panel materials. This highly versatile polymer enables us to develop products with a great variety of properties and to manufacture these with a uniform, high quality.


  • No swelling, rotting, warping
  • No splinters or cracks
  • Resistant to fungal and insect attack
  • Flame retardant (fire protection classification C-s2, d0,13501-1)
  • Easy to insert screws and nails: threads and fittings can be inserted directly
  • Thermoformable; significant material savings for curved geometries
  • Quick availability, no tree is felled

Application areas

  • Bathroom and wet areas
  • Outdoor: garden, decking, fences, and privacy screens
  • Buildings, facades, and cornices
  • Window and door construction
  • Interior work, wall and ceiling cladding
  • Handrails, sectional strips, end strips, skirting boards
  • Furniture
  • Design objects
  • Yachts and shipbuilding
  • Interior fittings for railway and aviation
  • Caravans, campers, and motorhomes


View our products here.



Synthetic resins

RAKU® TOOL synthetic resin systems are used in the woodworking industry to supplement and assist repairs, bonding, fixing, protecting, etc. Processing as well as grinding, polishing, drilling, and sawing are very similar to wood.


The systems are based on polyurethane or epoxy resin and exhibit an extraordinary variety of properties. They offer a quick and convenient solution for numerous tasks and applications.

  • Clear Cast
  • Fast cast
  • Repair and modeling paste (flame protection)
  • Various casting resins (for large volumes, high pressure loads, abrasion resistance)
  • Soft foam for upholstery


  • Easy repair of shrinkage cracks and imperfections
  • Simple assembly of metal fasteners
  • Fast and easy production of laminates
  • Countless material combinations can be implemented quickly and easily

Application areas

  • River tables / embedding objects in clear resin
  • Design elements, sculptures, and art objects
  • Bonding, fixing, connecting, and integrating components
  • Protection against environmental influences, moisture, impact or abrasion
  • Filling of cavities, cracks, and engravings
  • Repair and restoration
  • Foaming of upholstery


View our products here.



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