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Model and mold engineering materials from RAMPF Tooling Solutions.

World's largest producer of high-performance styling, modeling, and working boards. These stand for high quality "made in Germany“ and excellent mechanical properties.

Our high-performance Close Contour Pastes, Close Contour Blocks, and Close Contour Castings guarantee the economic production of models and molds.

For the composites industry we develop and produce trend-setting epoxy and polyurethane systems that cover a variety of production processes as well as a large temperature range.

Foundry: since 2006 we have been offering materials for pattern and mold making. Our products are used for the production of initial samples and small to large-scale series production.

Board Materials

RAKU® TOOL board materials combine the ultimate in quality with outstanding mechanical properties.

The semi-finished products – prefabricated, rectangular boards – made of polyurethane can be bonded in various shapes and sizes.

Close Contour Casting

RAKU® TOOL Close Contour Castings are semi-finished polyurethane or epoxy products supplied as three-dimensional castings or special blocks that are already close to the final contour.

The manufacturing process takes place in-house at RAMPF Tooling Solutions. Once the casting has cured, been removed from the mold, and undergone post-curing, milling is quick and easy.


With its comprehensive RAKU® TOOL product portfolio, RAMPF Tooling Solutions offers a wide range of applicationa and solutions for the foundry industry. Take advantage of our experience!

  • Models
  • Cores
  • Core boxes
  • Single- and double-faced pattern plates
  • Core inserts
  • Reversible pattern plates
  • Negatives


Fiber-reinforced composites have established themselves as the go-to-material for the manufacture of high-performance parts such as

  • aerospace components
    (tails, wings, fuselages, propellers)
  • boat and scull hulls
  • bicycle frames and racing car bodies

Other uses include fishing rods, storage tanks, swimming pool panels, and even baseball bats.

RAMPF Tooling Solutions offers high-performance materials for various manufacturing methods and temperature ranges.

Composite lightweight construction made easy – with RAKU® TOOL.

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