A high-performance wood substitute? RAKU® TOOL board from RAMPF.

Full extension drawer slides created with RAKU® TOOL WB-1000 board.

A masterpiece, built with a high-performance material – with his first-class fully extendable drawer slides, Jonas Geßner has not only passed his master carpentry exam, but also demonstrated why polyurethane board material from RAMPF is a high-performance alternative to wood.

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Manufacture of fully extendable drawer slides without loss of extension, giving you the extra few inches needed to gain full access to the drawer.


Plastic has the great advantage that, unlike wood, it does not “work”, which means to warp, swell, or even shrink. This is why plastic is ideally suited for manufacturing products that feature a technical function. This guarantees that the fully extendable drawer slides work perfectly in the long-term.

Production process

1. Preparation of the board material RAKU® TOOL WB-1000

2. Milling and drilling

3. Assembly

4. Functional testing

Product Information

Board material RAKU® TOOL WB-1000

Further applications

  • Architectural models
  • Checking fixtures
  • Foundry models
  • Thermoforming tools

Data sheet / Safety data sheet:


Added benefits

  • Excellent machinability with carpentry tools
  • Easy sawing, milling, drilling, grinding, and surface treatment with lacquer
  • Very good sliding properties thanks to the smooth, dense, and fine surface
  • In contrast to full extension slides made of solid wood, board material does not have to be treated with additional lubricants to make handling easier
  • Very good dimensional stability, no distortion, no shrinkage, good edge strength
  • Moisture resistant

Jonas Geßner - Master Carpenter

Full extension drawer slides must be manufactured with extreme precision in order to guarantee function, mechanical properties, and quality. The best solution for this is RAKU® TOOL WB-1000 board material.

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