Tailor-made recycled polyols and manufacturing plants


Recycled polyols. Highest quality.

RAMPF Eco Solutions based in Pirmasens, Germany, is an expert in chemical solutions for the manufacture of high-quality recycled polyols.

Core competence is the manufacture of polyols from waste materials of polyurethane (PU) producers.

Furthermore, the company has developed chemical processes that enables PET / PSA, other polyesters (PLA, PC, PHB), and renewable or bio-based raw materials such as vegetable oils to be used as sources of raw materials for the manufacture of recycled polyols.

RAMPF Eco Solutions also designs and builds customized multifunctional plants for customers who wish to manufacture recycled polyols based on PU residues, PET / PSA, polyesters, and biomonomers.

Polyurethane Systems

Polyurethane systems based on waste and alternative raw materials are just as versatile as polyurethanes based on new polyols.

Basic polyols

Sustainable and cost-effective – High-quality feedstock via recycling – Recypol, Petole, and bio polyols

Inside view – the company movie

Alternative polyols. For you and the environment.

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RAMPF – Holistic Solutions For Polyurethane Upcycling

UTECH 2024: Tailor-made recycled polyols / Chemical processes and multifunctional recycling plants for post-consumer and industrial residues

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Important course set at the Pirmasens site

Matthias Rampf hands over the management of RAMPF Eco Solutions to Peter Barwitzki and Dr. Christian Weber on March 1.

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