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Electrify the future

Sustainability, lithium-ion batteries, city skates, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence - these are the keywords that are currently found at Google on the subject of eMobility..

Dynamic growth in this sector is not only striking in Germany, automotive giants change their strategic direction to some extent radically – the target is electromobility.

As a leading developer and manufacturer of reactive resin systems, Rampf Polymer Solutions provides excellent solutions in this field of application.
Systems based on polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone combined with suitable and tailor-made automation and plant technology from RAMPF Production Systems provide a first class solution to discover the future of electro-mobility.

RAMPF presents following highlights at the Battery Show 2019, from 7th to 9th of May at the Stuttgart exhibition grounds.



Gap filler for thermal management

The miniaturization of components is one reason why gap fillers are becoming more and more important for batteries and electronic sensors.
Air conditioning disappears - but heat conducting materials conquer the market.
RAMPF Polymer Solutions has developed a soft, thermal conductive, formed-in-place elastomer in-house, which is used as a gap filler.

It is a highly viscous, pasty, two-component silicone elastomer.
You can find more information  and technical data. Download Flyer now.


Silicone foam gaskets and elastomers

In the area of thermal management as well as in the area of sealing systems, silicone is frequently used as preferred material.

RAMPF Polymer Solutions formulates an individual system for your application.
Leading manufacturers of the automotive industry have already listed the silicone foam RAKU® SIL 37-1210 and profit from advantages like low hardness and low compression set for low installation forces. Additionally, the foam offers high temperature and chemical resistance.

The silicone soft elastomer RAKU® SIL 37-1001 is able to compete successfully in several projects due to its fast curing time in the oven, its high long-term temperature and chemical resistance.
You can find more information and technical data about the systems here in the flyer.
The two systems are suitable for the use in battery covers, battery charging stations, battery charging plugs and other components in the eMobility and automotive sectors.


Piston Dispensing Pump KDP

For the application of gap fillers RAMPF Production Systems has developed the low-wear piston dosing pumps KDP for low maintenance, highest precision and highest speed.
The KDP are universally applicable and can apply heat conductive pastes with a dosing capacity of more than 10 g/sec. They operate according the principle of volumetric forced dosing and dose independent of pressure and viscosity.
The use of the servo drive technology enables a speed variable material output as well as a setting of any mixing ratio for 2K materials. A servo-electric transmission principle provides ideal adaptation to the process conditions.


Processing solutions for sealing, casting, bonding, automation

We offer innovative dosing systems to create solutions for the future. Especially for your application we will generate an all-in-one solution for process-safe sealing, casting and bonding of single and multi-component materials.

Embedded in compact dispensing cells or in dispensing robots, RAMPF dispensing systems are the perfect basis for production or integration into production systems.

In combination with high-performance controllers from SIEMENS or Beckhoff, RAMPF dosing systems are capable of meeting all requirements for dynamics, interaction and data management.

Here you can see the use of RAMPF machine and material.



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