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Rudolf Rampf Foundation

Rudolf Rampf Foundation

Key areas of funding

The Rudolf Rampf Foundation for the “advancement of young people” in Grafenberg was set up in 2001 to help young people on a non-profit basis. It mainly supports music and sports clubs for youngsters, and Grafenberg's youth work in general. Funds generated from the foundation capital (100,000 euros) is channeled into the youth work of local clubs and the community, and into projects that benefit young people.

Foundation Director: Horst Bader
Foundation Board: Rudolf Rampf, Michael Rampf, Volker Brodbeck

Funding guidelines

The Rudolf Rampf Foundation subscribes to the basic principle that children are our future. As the first foundation in Grafenberg, it focuses exclusively on the local community of company founder Rudolf Rampf.

The foundation accepts applications for funding as long as the project in question falls under the foundation's charter and key areas of support. Applications for funds can be addressed in writing to the office of the Rudolf Rampf Foundation. The foundation's funding guidelines apply.


Bank Details

VR Bank Hohenneuffen-Teck eG 
IBAN: DE62 6126 1339 0138 8800 00 

Kreissparkasse Reutlingen 
IBAN: DE84 6405 0000 0000 9171 79 


Mailing Address

Albstraße 37
72661 Grafenberg