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Material & Machine Made in Germany For Indian Plastics Market

Grafenberg, Germany, 12/15/21.

The international RAMPF Group is presenting high-performance sealing foams, casting resins, and adhesive systems together with innovative dispensing and process technology for the automotive, electrical/electronic, energy, filter, medical, packaging, and white goods industries at the trade fair MatDispens in the Bangalore International Exhibition Center from December 16 to 18 – Hall 3, Booth PD69.

RAMPF Production Systems – Innovative production systems with integrated dispensing technology

RAMPF Production Systems based in Zimmern ob Rottweil, Germany, is an international supplier of mixing and dispensing systems for sealing, casting, and bonding a wide range of polymer systems. The company has already developed more than 3,300 system solutions worldwide – from simple manual systems right through to fully automated production plants.

The precise coordination of material transport and preparation, dispensing, mixing technology, and moving axes ensure optimum dispensing results. The dispensing systems are equipped with high-performance mixing technology that requires very little maintenance and processes a variety of materials such as polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone with extreme precision, regardless of fillers and viscosities.

As the market leader in the field of automation solutions, RAMPF Production Systems designs and manufactures customer-specific production systems based on standardized components. This ensures that only tried and tested process technology is used.

Product-specific automation concepts include

  • Integrated parts transport and heat treatment
  • Assembly and joining technology
  • Logistic and quality assurance solutions

Every system can be equipped with RAMPF’s own HMI (human machine interface). All process information is provided to higher-level systems, so that the entire system can be controlled with just one intuitive, user-friendly interface.

RAMPF Polymer Solutions – high-performance sealing foams, casting materials, and adhesive systems

RAMPF Polymer Solutions based in Grafenberg, Germany, is a leading developer and manufacturer of reactive resin systems based on polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone. The product portfolio includes liquid and thixotropic sealing systems, electro and engineering casting resins, edge and filter casting resins, adhesive systems, and hotmelt adhesives.

  • Sealing systems based on polyurethane (RAKU® PUR) and silicone (RAKU® SIL) efficiently protect components against moisture, chemicals, and various environmental influences. The FIPFG (formed in place foam gasket) and FIPG (formed in place gasket) systems exhibit a wide operating temperature range, high resistance to chemicals, exceptional mechanical properties, excellent adhesion, and very low water absorption.
  • Electro casting resins made of polyurethane, epoxy (RAKU® POX), and silicone with very high thermal conductivity for electrical and electronic components in the automotive, electrical/electronic, energy, automation, and white goods industries.
  • Heavy-duty elastomers, tailor-made casting resins, and innovative reactive resin materials for the filter industry (air, oil, hydraulic, and industrial filters).
  • Polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone adhesives, as well as thermoplastic and reactive hotmelts (RAKU® Melt), stand for excellent adhesion properties for a permanently secure bond on wood, plastic, metals, and many more. Typical applications include automotive interiors, household appliances, optical bonding, the wood/furniture sector, façades, balustrades, and sandwich bonding for bus roofs, caravans, and refrigerated vehicles.

At MATDISPENS 2021, RAMPF Production Systems and RAMPF Polymer Solutions will be present together with their Indian partners Sanika Engineering & Consultancy (dispensing systems) and Prathamesh Technology & Industries (reactive cast resin systems).