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07/21/21 | Career

RAMPF named one of Germany’s best STEM employers

Everywhere you turn in this international Group, there are exciting professions involving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

We would like to start by giving ourselves a little pat on the back. As part of its large-scale study to find “Germany’s Best STEM Employers”, the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) analyzed and rated some 20,000 companies in terms of their employer attractiveness. Some of the relevant categories in this study included

  • Digitalization
  • Innovation
  • Corporate culture
  • Career
  • Salary
  • Employer reputation

RAMPF was successful in the “Chemical Products” company category, making it one of Germany’s best STEM employers!

RAMPF scored highly in the following categories:


We are diligently pressing ahead with the development of digitalized manufacturing, administration, and communication processes. For example, a cloud-based customer and service portal that can be accessed using various mobile devices has been introduced at the RAMPF Production Systems site in Zimmern ob Rottweil. However, digitalization can only succeed with the help of humans – which is precisely why we in the RAMPF Group created the position of Digitalization, Knowledge & Strategy Manager.


We have a group-wide innovation and idea management strategy that encourages our employees to translate their knowledge and skills into innovative products and solutions for our customers. That is why working at RAMPF is challenging, exciting, and fulfilling. We celebrate and reward commitment, creativity, and success.

Corporate culture

Open, honest, and personal interaction between colleagues creates a pleasant and inspiring working environment. This applies from production and administration right through to laboratories and warehouses. No matter the country or department – each and every one of us contributes to our shared success. We know our employees are our most important asset. In an effort to strengthen solidarity throughout the company, we regularly hold events such as the RAMPF Summer Party, trainee welcome days, and numerous events as part of our occupational health management program. 


Training and professional development are a top priority at RAMPF. After all, we want to have the very best employees on board in the future, too. That is why we founded the RAMPF Academy in 2017, which covers a wide range of subjects from foam gasket production and Microsoft Office applications to communication and business etiquette training. On top of that, we support particularly promising young talent through our “Leading.Your.Career.” program. 

Every year, we train numerous young people in eleven professions and are proud of our 98-percent retention rate. We offer the following training courses for STEM careers: 

  • Chemical laboratory technician 
  • Chemical technician
  • IT systems integration specialist
  • Metal technology specialist
  • Machinery and plant operator
  • Mechatronics technician
  • Technical product designer
  • Process mechanic
  • Machining mechanic


Day in, day out, our employees invest the best of their ability working for the companies in the RAMPF Group, and this is what allows us to put our motto “discover the future” into practice. Our workforce deserves a salary that reflects this. We also offer regular profit sharing and special bonuses as an additional sign of our appreciation.

Employer reputation

Despite being an international company, we have remained a down-to-earth family business with deep roots in our home region of Swabia, Germany. This is also reflected in our social and sporting commitments. We are happy to share our success. – whether it’s through the Rudolf Rampf Foundation or by sponsoring professional and local sports clubs.

STEM is our trump card

The RAMPF Group is a leading international specialist in engineering & chemical solutions, and its key focuses include chemical products and the associated mixing and dispensing systems. That is why chemistry, mathematics, technology, and computer science are integral to many of the professional fields we offer. This is all the more reason why we hope more people will look to the STEM professions when choosing their career in the future. 

Frank Fischer, Director of Human Resources & Legal at RAMPF Holding:

We are delighted with this award. On top of the large number of exciting opportunities we offer in STEM, we are also being recognized for our efforts to provide employees and trainees with attractive working conditions that enable them to fully develop their talents.

Join the exciting world of RAMPF & check out our job vacancies!

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