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08/19/20 | Dispensing Systems & Robots

Welcome to the Future Forge

The training of young people is very important to us. For those who want to learn a trade and create a solid basis for a successful career, the companies of the international RAMPF Group are the perfect partners.

Working together on creative projects

In the course of their training, the young talents organize numerous projects and internal events by themselves. Having fun whilst doing so is a given – a prime example of this are the so-called RAMPF Trainee Days, which take place alternately every year at one of the German RAMPF locations.

Our trainees spend two eventful days together, which offer in-depth insights into the RAMPF companies as well as an action-packed support program.

Among other things, a painting event was organized at RAMPF Production Systems in Zimmern ob Rottweil, during which canvases were designed that now hang proudly in one of the workshop rooms. The trainees are also involved in the organization and implementation of the company’s Christmas party.

Technical masterpiece with potential for addiction

In the trainee workshop at RAMPF Production Systems, affectionately known as the “Future Forge”, quite a few technical trainee masterpieces have their origin, including the RAMPF pinball machine.

The joint project was initiated in a brainstorming session by commercial and technical product design trainees. For more than a year and almost every Friday, they worked on the machine together with their technical training manager Heiko Wurster.

The pinball machine was planned, designed, and assembled by the trainees. It includes many technical refinements as well as a scoring platform to further stimulate the ambition of the players. The trainees created a time/cost plan and distributed the tasks according to their skills and knowledge:

  • The technical product designers constructed the pinball machine and created drawings.
  • The mechatronic engineers put all plans into practice and took care of the production and programming of the machine.
  • The industrial clerks were responsible for ensuring that the project ran smoothly.

The machine contains numerous obstacles, which the pinball has to conquer. Nimble pinball arms and stylish LED lighting ensure a dynamic gaming experience. A monitor spits out the number of points achieved and thus encourages improving ones score. It is a successful RAMPF invention that can be quite addictive.

The journey is the reward

As with every project, there were some setbacks – obstacles had to be replaced, the incline of the base plate adjusted, and the program rewritten several times.

Timo Scharnefski, Mechatronics Engineer at RAMPF Production Systems:

If something didn't work, a solution had to be found. For us mechatronics engineers, this is part of our everyday-work and nothing to worry about.

It is understood that the trainees could rely on the active support of their experienced training manager and other RAMPF colleagues. After all, problem solving is part of every project. By facing and overcoming these challenges, the young talents will gain in experience and expertise.

Carrying responsibility and working independently is a top priority in all training courses at RAMPF. This enables our trainees to make their individual contribution to our mutual success right from the get-go.

Surpassing high expectations

The pinball machine project brought the RAMPF trainees closer together as they surpassed the high expectations. The elaborately designed machine is used extensively and accompanies us time and again to trade fairs at home and abroad, especially to the training fairs at which the company presents itself to school graduates.

Last year, the most successful pinball players even won a trip to Europapark, Germany’s largest theme park.

This successful campaign, together with many exciting projects and events, make training at RAMPF something very special.


Testimonial from our trainee Swenja Schrader – Mechatronics Engineer

“I got to know RAMPF at the 'starter' training fair in Rottweil. The team was really nice and friendly, and I was very impressed by the company’s high-tech dispensing robots. I've always been interested in technology; already at secondary school I knew that I wanted to learn a technical profession. I‘m now in the third year of my training as a mechatronics engineer and very grateful that I got the chance to complete this training at RAMPF. Last year, I was involved in the construction of our pinball machine and worked together with my colleagues on the basic construction with all sensors and on the CNC program for milling the obstacles.”

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