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05/06/20 | Corporate Citizenship

“Thank you for fighting for our health”

Yoga teacher Anna Kleb and her “Yogaliebe” team from Metzingen have supported hospitals in Reutlingen, Bad Urach, Nürtingen, and Stuttgart as well as the nursing home in Erms in the fight against the corona virus with nourishing donations.

There is an opportunity in every crisis. Numerous people are proving this day in, day out, since the outbreak of the corona virus. By going shopping for their neighbor, volunteering as a harvest helper, or offering free digital programs for schoolchildren, they are setting a sign of solidarity and promoting social cohesion.

Yoga teacher Anna Kleb from Metzingen also wanted to help. When a friend told her about the appeal for donations from the Marienhospital hospital in Stuttgart, she was initially not sure how she could contribute. “As the owner of a yoga studio, I wasn’t able to help out with face masks or disinfectants. Therefore, I decided to sell some of the products in my shop and invest the money in energy bars and fruit juices for doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. ”

The fundraising campaign quickly gained momentum. With the companies Tress Brothers from Hayingen (soups), I•Do Organic Juices from Munich, Mani from Switzerland (energy bars) as well as the Becka Beck bakery from Römerstein and Heinz Bader Fruit & Vegetable Retail from Metzingen, Anna Kleb was able to win further partners. “The feedback from the community as well as their sympathy and willingness to donate showed how much strength can be generated in solidarity. I was simply overwhelmed. The campaign took on a much larger dimension than I ever dreamed of.”

With a RAMPF truck packed full of energy-rich snacks and drinks, Anna Kleb also visited the hospitals in Reutlingen, Bad Urach, and Nürtingen as well as the nursing home in Erms. “It made me so happy to the see the appreciation of the staff that I didn't mind loading and unloading each box myself – not even at 4 a.m. This campaign is a great example of the fact that a smile you give someone is always returned.”

On behalf of all cooperation partners and the “Yogaliebe” team, Anna Kleb thanks doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, and administrative employees for their enormous effort during the Corona crisis. “They work tirelessly and fight for our health, which puts them particularly at risk of contracting the virus. Their commitment gives me hope and confidence that we will survive this crisis if we stick together and are there for each other.”